World 4 Hidden Coins And Where To Find Them – Cuphead

Cuphead has got only 1 coin to be collected from the last world, World 4 at Underground from the Casino. In addition to Location of World 4 Hidden Coin, we have also mentioned few more hidden secrets that you can unlock in this world. So let’s start the guide on Cuphead World 4 Hidden Coin location and other secrets.

World 4 Hidden Coins Location

Where to find World 4 Hidden Coins

Where to find Hidden Coin Location

For the Last Coin, you will have to go to Underground and the make your way to the Casino. Here at the Entrance to the left the very first Dice will be having the Coin, will be a bit difficult to collect so don’t loose on it.

Cuphead Casino Dice Cuphead Casino Coin

Additional Hidden Secret on Cuphead can be read at Secret Mode Walkthrough And Unlock Guide – Cuphead. This Secret Mode can be unlocked by completing the Run and Gun mode without killing a single enemy.

That’s all for Cuphead World 4: All Hidden Coins. Stay tuned for more amazing updates on Cuphead. Till then have a look at World 3 All Hidden Coin Locations.

Source: Radnom Pesron from Steam Comuinity