Dark Armor Set Location – Zelda: BoTW Champions Ballad Armor Location


Zelda: Breath Of The Wild has always been enthusiastic to bring a new outfit to the game and The Dark Armor Set is one of them. The Dark Armor Set In Zelda Breath Of The Wild is a mixture of 3 different Part: the skull, chest, and pants. Similar to any other Armor Set, each part of Dark Armor Set is hidden in three different location. In this Zelda: Breath of the Wild location guide, we will tell you Location of Dark Armor Set – All 3 Pieces i.e. where to find Dark Armor Set in Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Zelda Where To Find The Dark Armor Set

To get Dark Armor Set you will have to start the Ex Treasure hunt for the Dark armor then go to the Deya Village Ruins and then make your way to one of a little-broken hut. Use Glide and Find a Book out there in order to get clues. After that collect all the Three Pieces to complete the Dark Armor Set.

Dark Armor Set Location In Champions Ballad DLC Zelda BoTW

As we have mentioned in the paragraph above that you will first have to start the Ex Treasure Hunt for the Dark Armor Set, then find the Book and Read the Book to Find all the clues. Well if you don’t find all of them then below we have mentioned all the Three location for the armor and how to get them.

Dark Armor Set Deya Village Ruins Dark Armor Set Deya Village Ruins Location Dark Armor Set Deya Village Ruins Book Location

1. The Phantom Ganon Skull

  • Location: Underneath the Lake Corta’s Waterfall

How To Get: Get to the Faron Woods Tower and then head your way to the east to the Corta Lake. You will get a Chest by using your Magnet, right underneath the Corta Lake’s Waterfall.

Phantom Ganon Skull Location Phantom Ganon Skull

2. The Phantom Ganon Armor

  • Location: Sarjon Bridge

How to Get: From the Faron Woods Tower make your way to the West and land on the Sarjon Bridge after that create a small block using the Cryonis and jump on it. Now make use of the magnet and pull the Chest up and open it to have The Phantom Ganon Armor.

Phantom Ganon Armor Sarjon Bridge Cryonis Location Phantom Ganon Armor Sarjon Bridge Cryonis

3. The Phantom Ganon Greaves

  • Location: Under the Statue, pass ahead of Floria Bridge

How to Get: Teleport to Qukah Nata Shrine and then jump off the cliff behind right behind the Qukah Nata Shrine and Glide in the Forest area by passing from the Floria Bridge. As you land Search for the Chest hidden underground beneath the statue and then pull it out and collect The Phantom Ganon Greaves from the chest.

Phantom Ganon Greaves Location Phantom Ganon Greaves Statue Location Phantom Ganon Greaves

Benefits of The Dark Armor Set: This Armor Set will increase both of your Stealth and Damage and will also let you have a disguise perk.

So that now you know how to find The Dark Armor Set in Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild don’t wait for much longer, just go and take all the Three Pieces of the Dark Armor Set and enjoy playing with the all-new armor. Stay tuned for more updates on Zelda Breath Of The Wild. You can also refer to our Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild Wiki Guide for more updates on the game.