Dark Brotherhood Skyshard Location – Elder Scrolls Online DLC Guide


The latest DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online – Dark Brotherhood welcomes the players to visit the Gold Coast which is the new area in Cyrodil and explore the infamous Brotherhood’s members. With all new features added the game, you will continue to gain more skill points by raising your Alliance War Rank and by collecting the Skyshards. This Dark Brotherhood Guide will show you all the exact location for the Skyshards in the Game.Skyshards. This Dark Brotherhood Guide will show you all the exact location for the Skyshards in the Game.

Dark Brotherhood Skyshard Location

Dark Brotherhood Skyshard Location

Skyshard in Elder Scrolls Online are the special items which can grant you character an additional skill point, you need to have 3 shards at least. They are scattered all over the Gold Coast and can be above the ground and inside the Dungeons. That is why we decided to help you out with the exploration, there are 6 Skyshards in the DLC and here is their location.Skyshards in the DLC and here is their location.

Skyshard 1 – On a lonely isle staring out across the Abecean

You need to head outside of Anvil and head west to cross the deep water and get to the small island which has your first Skyshard.

Skyshard 2 – Proudly displayed near the Caretaker’s Home

Continue Towards the far North of Anvil until you come across a grave area called the Knights gave. To grab this Skyshard you must look at the ledge between the Knights gave and the Crafting Station – ‘Colovian Revolt Forge Yard’.

Skyshard 3 – Nestled in the arm of the Eastern Watchtower

Towards the south of Kavatch make your make to the Varen’s Wall Gatehouse Maker and you will find this Skyshard next to a roll in a dilapidated watchtower.

Skyshard 4 – Pulled from the ground in a strange Harvest

East of the Enclave of Hourglass is a small farm and you will find this Skyshard protected by two Thunderbugs in the harvest grounds.

Skyshard 5 – Hidden away where only Spelunkers will find it

Inside the Hrota Cave, you can find the next Skyshard on a watery ledge of the dungeon.

Skyshard 6 – A treasure of the Gold Coast, kept in a Stolen Vault

Inside the Garlas Agea, from the entrance head towards the first room on your right and grab the Skyshard.

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