Dark Clouds : Final Fantasy XV Chapter 5 Walkthrough

 Dark Clouds : Final Fantasy XV Chapter 5 Walkthrough

As Cauthess crumbles, the imperial chancellor swoops in to usher the four friends to safety, but their reprieve is only temporary, as Duscae’s skies tell of trouble on the horizon. With the Regalia missing and the roads closed, the four find themselves stranded.

Chapter 5: Dark Clouds

Chapter 5 Dark Clouds

The chapter begins with Regalia captivated by the Empire, Noctis finds Umbra at Chocobo Outpost. Follow the dog finally to meet Gentiana. Interact with Umbra. Later you will get a new objective to locate three runestones of Ramuh that are hidden around. You can cover a large distance by using the rest points and locating Chocobo at the outpost.

The first runestones of Ramuh: Follow the marker. If you are on foot it is a very long walk. It is surrounding by short mountains just by crossing the grassy ground.


The second runestones of Ramuh: Similar to the above one, follow the location to reach the second one to see next memory.


The third runestones of Ramuh: Now head towards the third one that is located inside a cave. You will get location after touching the second one. Enter the cave and at the end glide through the narrow path. It is not a dead end. There will be some imp ahead. After fighting with a few Level 21 Thunder Bomb take left through a small cave and kill a few more imps ahead. Look for narrow passages in the wall if you can’t find any way ahead.


Ahead you will have to deal with a Mindslayer and Thunder Bomb with Hobgoblin. This would be a tough battle. Ahead another tough creature Naga will attack you. Finally reach the third stone. Exit the cave to end objective.


Engaging the Empire

After having a call from Cindy head towards the marked location to get Regalia back. It is a camp point. Setup a camp point there to boost HP and to avoid long travels ahead.

Infiltrate the base: Without creating alarm, slowly infiltrate the base. Follow what Ignis says. Use wrap-kill to take down an imperial guard from behind. The first objective is to take down 3 imperial guards, the first you kill at the start, two are ahead. Use Point-Wrap to get a good knowhow of the area. Move ahead towards the back of tank to locate the other two. Keep following Ignis. Once all three guards are kill move towards the next path.


For the next path, move towards the key icon to turn off the lasers. After that the next objective is to kill 6 imperial soldiers in the vicinity. Use the point-wrap ahead to reach the stars. You will land just behind the first soldier. Before go upstairs and take down a sniper, then kill one on the ground and another just ahead in the North direction. Even if you raise alert try to take them down one by one.


Hiding behind the containers, follow to the next path. Go near the door, and close the lasers. You will see Regalia at the center. Follow your friends to the car. A MA-X Maniple – Level 23 is the big fight. Use Point-Wrap to evade a direct attack. Attack the legs to take it down. There are machine guns in the area, you can use them. There will be a soldier ambush after the war machine is down. Fight them off


Destroy the magitek generator: Now before taking Regalia and living the vicinity, finally take down the generator. It is on the right of the base. First turn off the laser to enter. There are more soldiers and war machines in the base. It is heavily guarded. Stay in cover instead of directly approaching the soldiers. Let them come to you and then attack. You can let your friends fight with the soldiers and make your path all the way to generator to destroy it. At the end you can summon Ramuh, The Fulgurian to end the fight.

Final Fantasy XV Chapter 5 Dark also ends once you take Regalia back to Lestallum and meet Iris there. You can continue to the next Chapter 6 A Way Forward or you can also check our Final Fantasy XV Wiki guide to know more about the game walkthrough, tips, tricks, and cheats.