Dark Souls 3 Guide: How to Defeat Aldrich, Devourer of Gods Boss Fight

Aldrich, Devourer of Gods in Dark Souls 3 is the Boss you will meet in Cathedral where you fought Ornstein & Smough in Dark Souls 1. One of the Toughest Boss you will fight in the game as he has multiple attacks which can cause you instant death. This Boss Fight Guide will show you how to defeat Aldrich, Devourer of Gods with ease.

Aldrich Devourer of Gods

Aldrich, Devourer of Gods

Aldrich is one of the Lord of Cinder, so you must be ready with the upgrades in order to fight against him. You will find inside the Cathedral and his major attacks are Souls Spear, Homing Soul Mass and Rain of Arrows. You need to gear up your shield to survive the Rain of Arrows. As you start the fight you see Aldrich will throw the magic projectiles with some swings along with it. Roll sideways and quickly try to avoid the blows.

The Boss’s weakness is once he attacks he will slow down and secondly he will disappear into the ground and reappear at the opposite end. So if you are wondering how to defeat this Guy then focus on his Tail. Most of the Bosses in Dark Souls 3 have one or two weakness and majorly it is the Back. Once he is down to 40% health he will be using fire along with his normal attacks, but you continue to follow the same pattern.

He won’t be transforming into a beast like other bosses or increase his damage output so feel free and simply slash his tail down. Once you manage to take Aldrich – Devourer of Gods down you will get Cinders of a Lord and Soul of Aldrich. Make sure you do visit our Dark Souls 3 Wiki page to know more about the Boss Fights, NPCs and Walkthrough.