Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Ending Walkthrough

 Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Ending Walkthrough

After finishing The Dreg Heap location of The Ringed City DLC of Dark Souls 3, where at the end you fought with three Demons, the next location is Ringed City. A pack of flying demons will take you to the location where you are going to encounter more powerful enemies like the sorcerer, Dragons, Shira and finally at the end a Slave Knight Gael who is the boss.

The Ringed City Guide Part 2

Location The Ringed City Walkthrough:

Kill the Sorcerer:

The Dread Heap Guide

After being dropped by the Demons, turn left and walk straight down to the roof of building ahead. On the left talk to the creature and he will tell you to go to Filianore’s Church that is located at the end of the cliff. Just ahead you can find a Bonfire on the right. Walk down further and take cover on the right side behind stones. A lot of dead soldiers will attack you with arrows. Now you cannot fight them, you have to keep moving ahead by hiding behind the stones in the path. As you reach the last one from the right jump down over a broken edge of the castle. Now move ahead and, turn right following the narrow edge. There is a metal stair on the left side. Take that and climb up, then take the stairs just ahead.

The Dread Heap Guide

Above you will see big old sorcerer raising the soldiers for an attack. You need to take him down. But as you attack the soldiers would appear back again and use arrows to hit you. You will need to run and take cover. As it bows down attack him back. Killing him is easy, but the soldiers around are tough to take down. You will have to skip their attack at all cost. After killing him, take the path on the right. It will lead to the stairs that will take you down further and you will meet a weird creature. Keep moving ahead further, and you will need to fight with few enemies in the path.

There are ample of them lurking around. Keep moving till you reach the end and then take the left entrance. There is a Bonfire on the right side. After using the Bonfire straight ahead there is another entrance uses that. On the left side, there is a locked door, this one leads to the Dragon Midir. Remember this place as you will have to come back here. Watch out for the enemy on left and take the path on the left side. Go down and take a right turn. Again take left and you will need to fight with an armored knight that has a hole in his chest.

The Dread Heap Guide

This knight has a pretty long range of attack, so going near is simply dying. Use fire attacks from a distance and try to get behind the knight. Attack with few combos and do the same thing. But avoid going much near when the knight is attacking. After killing it move ahead and use the stairs on the right.

Go down and on the left, there is another short entrance. A lot of creatures will be wandering around. you need to fight them off. Finally, when you enter a tower, you have to jump down. There is a Knight at the bottom. After killing the knight locate the stairs in between of knight statues. There are bigger enemies outside. Like a group of Harald Legion Knight. you can jump directly over their head from a height to take them down in one attack. After killing them off go up straight ahead of the locked door and talk.

The Dread Heap Guide

Kill Dragon Midir:

It is the voice of Shira, who will later ask you to kill the dragon Midir. Head down straight till the end you reach a swamp place. There will be ample of enemies in the path. This includes giant Herald Knight and other with big armor. Before moving ahead you can use the fast travel point to reach back to the last bonfire. There was a locked door on the left side, it will be opened as you accept the objective to kill the dragon. Enter the door and pull the lever to bring the lift up. As it goes down jump ahead on the entrance and you will enter a room with three statues. The attack on the first from right. Final you will reach a ladder that will take you further down. In the room, there is a desk and behind that, there is a cave, jump inside and you will reach the place where the dragon is resting. Attack him, it is a tough enemy, it will attack you with fire, you will need to follow it and attack it on the face and body. Locate the bonfire in the cave and use that to come back.

Next, you need to follow the path back to the swamps. The entire area is infested with enemies. Again it is a huge place to wander around. There is a dome shape building in center submerged from there take a right turn and a creature will attack you. Take the stairs on the right side, go up and on the left, you will get a bonfire. Come outside and you will find the huge old sorcerer walking in the swap. Kill him, and the move ahead, look for half-submerged building on the left, on the roof, there are three knights. After killing them go on the roof and take the path on the extreme left, you can see the dragon the top side of the mountain on the left side. This is the boss of next you have to fight. Walk ahead and path on the left and keep moving up towards the dragon on the mountain.

You can also use the small entrance just at the beginning, pass the closed metal door ahead, and you can use the bonfire ahead. Or else you can move towards the dragon that will attack you in mid path. You will need to take cover from the fire attack. There are caves around that you can use to hide when the dragon is attacking. At the end take the entrance and go up following the stairs. Watch out the rocky stairs can break and fall, you need to keep heading upwards, till you reach another Bonfire, just before you reach the dragon at the end. You will need to reach near to the dragon to attack it. He is sitting on a mountain. Use the rocks around to protect yourself from the fire attack and then attack the body. Keep attacking and it will fell down in the end. the path is clear now. Move ahead to the entrance on the right side and follow the stairs. You reach a chamber with candles around some kind of place of worship, look for the exit and walk straight to the castle ahead. there is a knight on the entrance guarding it.

The Dread Heap Guide

Kill Halflight, Spear or Church:

Fight him and later open the closed door. Inside you will need to fight with the old sorcerer Judicator Argo who acts as the guard. Fight off Halflight, Spear of the Church. A tough one due to its speed and various types of attacks. You can harm the enemy when you are near. After defeating go upstairs and stand in the life. It will take you up towards the princes’s chamber. Take the stairs straight up and open the door. Go near and touch the embraced shell. In a cut scene, you will see the princess dies. Next, use the bonfire and exit the place. Take the path from left and walk in the open area. Take the path on the left side and keep moving straight ahead till you see a crawling king. Walk towards the ruins ahead and follow the tower. AT the end fights with Slave Knight Gael.

Kill Slave Knight Gael and Shira:

The knight has quite a long health bar and it also is very powerful in attacks. It has a pretty good range also. When you attack it retreats back and attack in front with full swing within a few seconds. That you need to watch out and dodge. When you are near you can give a few combo to take down his health. But do make a distance and don’t forget to dodge his attacks. When one-third of his health his finished he will recuperate back again with more power. He will also unleash a high range fire and lightning attacks. Finally after killing the Knight walk back towards the ruins and you will hear a voice of Shira. She is the final one I think to fight with.

So this was the end of second and final part of Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City DLC. You can also refer to Dark Souls 3 Wiki for the full walkthrough and other guides.