Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Archdragon Peak, Ancient Wyvern, and Nameless King Boss Fight

 Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Archdragon Peak, Ancient Wyvern, and Nameless King Boss Fight

Once you defeat Oceiros, the Consumed King at Consumed King’s Garden, you will be getting the Path of the Dragon Gesture. Now make your way to Irithyll Dungeon, the same where you saw the petrified dragon acolyte is seated in a meditation like position. Use this Gesture to get to the Archdragon Peak. Here you will have to face some new kind of Enemies which includes Serpent-man Summoner, Rock Lizard, Ancient Wyvern and much more. So let’s start with the walkthrough.

Nameless King

Archdragon Peak Bonfire

As you are teleported to the new area you must run up the cliff and Lit the Bonfire and save your progress and then take care of the enemies. As you climb the first Pillar you will have to fight a Serpent Man with an axe and they hurt really bad. Open the gate and you will find the First Boss of the area, but you don’t really have to take him down for now so start running below him and take a left to hide towards the corner of the Building.

Ancient Wyvern Boss Fight

Let him throw all the fire and clear up the enemies for you, simply relax and wait until he is done killing all. Get inside the building then take left then right to climb up and keep climbing(ignore all the enemies) until you reach the Top. Cross the Bridge and again keep in mind you need to run fast otherwise, the Dragon will touch you up or the Enemies will take you Down.

As you reach the End climb the ladder on the Left and do not head inside for the second Boss immediately. Now as you reach a point where Wyvern is hanging down and you need to jump on his head to take him down one shot. Killing him will give you the Headstone and you will be teleported to another part of the Peak.

Dragon-kin Mausoleum Bonfire

In this Area, the enemies will continue summoning as far as you are present in the section. From the Bonfire take left, right and then right again to get Top of the Building, grab all the loot and head out from the left. Take downstairs and find some Man-Serpent waiting just for you, kill them all and take the right to climb up the wrecked bridge to get across. Take down the crystal lizard, head out and you see another Wyvern shows up.

Another Wyvern

The easiest way to kill this Dragon is by jumping into the window and shoot him with the crossbow or Arrows. It is Time consuming, but we find it easy and defeating without any damage. Once you take him down, head out and start climbing the rocks stairs where you will find some Rock Lizards falling over you. Get Inside the building and you will find another Summoner right inside there.

Great Belfry Bonfire

Quickly Past them and head towards the left to find another Bonfire and save your current progress before taking down the enemies. Once you have saved your progress you are free to take down the enemies and make sure you don’t ring the bell outside as we will have to have the Boss fight first. Now head out and Loot the area from the left of the Bonfire where you will find couple of Serpent-man waiting for you. Once you head up to perform the Path of the Dragon Gesture to get the Twinkling Dragon Torso Stone.

The Nameless King Boss

Now it’s time to wrap up the area and take down the final Boss – The Nameless King. Ring the Bell now and let the Boss Fight begin. Taking about his Weak then it’s the same as the Ancient Wyvern(the Head), to make it look easy you should make use of the Dragonslayer Greatshield. The First phase will be easy as Nameless King riding atop his storm drake, the King of the Storm. Take the dragon down first by hitting his head continuously as he lands.

In the Second phase, the Nameless King will get on the ground to fight you one on one as you have killed his Ride(the Dragon). This King is one of the toughest enemies you have fought in the game as he is very fast and deadly, so you must be ready for all the attacks. Wait and watch for his moves and start predicting when is the best time to hit.

Stay away from his lightning strike attack along with the telegraphs he uses for taking out his weapon and slowly brandishing it to the sky. If you missed it then he finishes you up in style with a lightning strike will be summoned directly over you. Once you manage to kill the Nameless King then the skies will clear and you will get to Lit the Nameless King Bonfire. Thus Completing the Archdragon peak Walkthrough and you can check out our Dark Souls 3 Wiki Page to Know more about the game, walkthrough, endings, and collectibles.