Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Cemetery of Ash and Ludex Gundyr Boss Fight

 Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Cemetery of Ash and Ludex Gundyr Boss Fight

Welcome to the Dark Souls Walkthrough Guide, here you will find everything you want from completing the stages, finding different weapons, boss fights, items and so on. At the end of the Walkthrough, you will find the link for the Next Chapter or else you can check out our Dark Soul 3 Wiki Page to know more about the Different locations and Much more. So without any Further ado, let’s begin with the Walkthrough part 1 – Cemetery of Ash.

Cemetery of Ash

Cemetery of Ash

As you start the game you will see the Prologue section where you will know your enemies and the game environment. After the Cutscene like every RPG game, you will be put under the tutorial stage where you will know and understand your controls. So Welcome to the Cemetery of Ash. You awake from the sand and after a quick tutorial, you will meet your first Hollow enemy slice him down and collect the white orb. Keep following the Red Glowing Path and continue taking down your enemies.

Now that you come to the Base of the Fountain you will encounter few more Enemies and you need to kill them to grab the Ashen Estus Flask which can be used to replenish your Focus Points(Similar to the Estus Flask). Take Right from here to get the next enemy, here you must backstab the Enemies to avoid the enemy from attacking.

Now move opposite of the fountain where you will find a Hollow archer and another Hollow with an Axe. Take them down and head straight where you will find a Giant Crystal Lizard on the right and do not try to go back as the game mechanics will reset all that is the Enemies that you just killed will respawn and you have to deal with them again.

Giant Crystal Lizard

As you are still in the Tutorial zone then you must find it easy to kill him, just keep rolling and counter-attack his move. Keep Slicing him with the light attacks and as he is done attacking try with the heavy attacks to take him down. Once you Done dealing with this Lizard you will get Titanite Scale along with an Orb on the Left. Now it’s time to move and head towards the Hill Top where you will find you first Bonfire.

Discover it and it will replenish your health and FP. Head Down and finish off the Hallow archers and Enemies. Try every turn while heading down from the bonfire as you need to get the Titanite Shard from the Corpse Top of the Chest. Once you did with them it’s time to head inside the Hall and show what you have learnt in the game so far. Yeah the Boss Fight, but fight we want you to head back to the Bonfire to refill your Health and Estus Flask.

Ludex Gundyr Boss Fight

Being the First Boss Fight, it is not easy to take him down as he will turn into a Giant Monster once you brought his health down to 50%. We want you to check out our Boss Fight Guide for Ludex Gundyr where you have explained how to kill him with easy and get it done in no Time. Once you kill Ludex Gundyr you will be getting a Coiled Sword(the one you pulled out from his Chest) and around 3000 Souls. Simply Lit the bonfire and Head to the Locked Green Old Door.

Path to Firelink Shrine

One you get past the door you will have to face a bunch of these Hollow Archers and enemies so get ready to kill them all. Simply head right to get to the path of Shrine and thus complete the Walkthrough part 1 and check out what happens next in the Walkthrough Part 2 – Firelink Shrine.