Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: Firelink Shrine, Merchant, Blacksmith and Bell Tower

Firelink Shrine in Dark Souls 3 is the new home to our character and there is no Boss Fight or enemies encounter in here. This is where you will come to know more about the Story and get a new mission, blacksmith, Merchant and much more. So without any Further ado, let’s begin with the Walkthrough part 2 – Firelink Shrine.

Firelink Shrine

Firelink Shrine

As you’re done taking down the enemies in the Cemetery of Ash, you will come to this new Home called Firelink Shrine. It looks similar to a Tomb so when you enter you will be confused how to explore and where to go. This is why we created this Walkthrough part to explain each and every place of Firelink Shrine in Detail. First head towards the right and talk to the token Crestfallen Knight called Hawkwood the Deserter.

Ludleth of Courland

First head down and Lit the Bonfire near the Beautiful Fire Keeper, who will not only guide you with the Map but also with Leveling up your Skills in exchange of the earned souls. She will inform you that how the Lords of Cinder got up and left their throne and it’s our Job to defeat them, but as you see one of the Throne is not Empty and a Man is sitting on the Throne(right of the Large Center). Go Ahead and Talk to Ludleth of Courland(one of the Lords of Cinder), this guy will be helping us in the later story so simply meet him and understand what he needs.

Merchant and Blacksmith

Now head towards the left side and you will see an underground path which will lead to the Merchant Handmaid where we can Buy and Sell items and then go ahead and meet Andre the Blacksmith who will be responsible for upgrading your weapons, but he needs the items which you must provide. Currently, this Tomb is empty and you must first use the Coiled Sword to create a new Bonfire so you can wrap up to the next area like the High Wall of Lothric.

Bell Tower

Now Head upstairs to the Left where you will see an alternative exit or head up to the Bell Tower which will be locked and you need to buy the Tower keys from Handmaid for about 20000 souls. Till then you can find the Soul of Deserted Corpse on the left gate and then head down towards the old Giant Tree which will show you the message. Further, you will be encountering a psycho naked man who carries a powerful weapon and you must take him down to obtain it. Kill Him fast and you will get Master’s Attire, Master’s Gloves, along with Uchigatana(Sword for those strong in dexterity).

Once you have gathered 20000 souls and have the tower keys ready you can head towards the Bell Tower again and exit the Shrine via top floor via the staircase. You must climb to the top to find the Fire Keeper Souls which is an extremely important item in the game. Now Explore the Bell Tower or try coming back to the Bonfire in the Shrine to fast travel to the High Walls of Lothric and continue the Story. Thus Completing the Firelink Shrine Guide and Continue with the Walkthrough – High Walls of Lothric.