Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough: High Wall of Lothric, Vordt of the Boreal Valley

High Wall of Lothric in Dark Souls 3 is the next part of the story where you will explore some new areas and a Boss fight with Vordt. This walkthrough part will show you everything we encounter during the chapter of High Walls of Lothric. So without any Further ado, let’s begin with the Walkthrough part 3 – High Wall of Lothric.

High Wall of Lothric

High Wall of Lothric

Once you’re done exploring the Firelink Shrine, go to the Bonfire and travel to the High Wall of Lothric now you will come across an enclosed room which has an exit via main Door. You need to head out to see the First Bonfire down go Lit it up then head right and clear out the Hallow Archers and Two Bone Hounds down there. Head straight and here you will find a guard with a large Axe. An easy takedown as he strikes very slow and once he does that’s when you are going to slice him down.

Now first, head up and Fight against Hollow worshipers which turn into a Massive Beast. He is very fast with his attacks so we recommend you to use Fireball to attack from distance after the transformation. If you are taking to much of hits then run away replenish your health and return to take him down. Once you Kill him you will be getting a Longbow and 12 Standard Arrows.

Now head back to the Bonfire, first don’t forget to head down and grab that orbs where you will see the locked door. Rest and replenish your heath back and this time, we will be heading left. Here also you will be finding a bunch of Hollow Worshipers so don’t head back once you kill them as they will respawn and you have to fight them again and again. So kill the Main Hollow with the Sword and head straight Underground where you see a Dragon turned into Stone so Go downstairs and collect all the orbs.

Top of the Tower

As you Get outside you will see dozens of Hollow Enemies are waiting for us and a Dragon from above is throwing Fireballs, use your shield to block the enemies and run away from the ground. Once you get up you will find a pair of Binoculars and lit the Bonfire to save your Checkpoint and replenish your powers.

Head down the ladder to the lower room and see the stairs on the left and a corridor on the Right with two hollow blocking you path. Head down first takes the Hallow knives thrower then go straight and head right to collect the 8 Throwing Knives, before you head towards the hollow enemy. Check the Door which is sealed next to the corpse where you get the Mail Breaker knife and then head right, remember the location as you need to come here back to free the guy inside.

As you head back up you will be hunted by a bunch of Hallows who are mostly the worshipers so kill them fast before they try to turn into a monster. You can find a corpse holding a Soul of a Deserted Corpse and make you way from the roof top. Kill all the enemies on the way and pick up the Firebombs on the Rooftop. Here you will find a small Crystal lizard and kill it to grab the Raw Gem. Take the ladder to head down and two archers will be waiting for you, here you will have three different paths.

We choose the Tower part and headed inside the first room on the left where we got the 2 Undead Hunter Charms after killing the Hollow behind the pots and take the Titanite Shard from the thief waiting inside the room. Now heading to the main room where we will be fighting the Lothric Knight and few other Hallows downstairs. Take all of them down and collect the orbs. Finally You get to the Sealed Gate where you will meet your Second Boss Vordt.

Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Vordt is the second boss you meet and it’s very easy to take him down if you have seen our Guide for the Best tips to Kill Vordt of the Boreal Valley Boss Fight. Once you manage to kill him you will earn Soul of Boreal Valley Vordt and the path to the Next adventure that is the Big gate for the Undead Settlement. Thus Completing the Walkthrough and check out the next part – Undead Settlement.