Dark Souls 3: Where to Find the Crow Merchant for Trading

Crow Merchants are rare traders in Dark Souls 3 and one of them can be found in Firelink Shrine. This Guide will tell you all about the Crow Merchant and the items he trades in the game. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Crow Merchant in Dark Souls 3.

Crow Merchant

Crow Merchant

Get to the Roof of the Firelink Shrine. If you have already been there to grab your first Estus Shard. If not then you need a Key from the Shrine Handmaiden (20k Souls). Now climb the stairs and get to the Top. Head outside the tower then jumps off the bridge. Now make the first jump from the Pillar and if you are lucky enough then you health will save you from dying.

The Crow Merchant Nest will be in the middle of the round portion. Once you locate him you can leave your items there and get some other item in return, the only thing is that you don’t know which item you will get in return. Here is the List of the Items we tried to exchange with the merchant.

Hidden Blessing

Reward: ‘Thank You’ Carving

Alluring Skull

Reward: ‘Hello’ Carving


Reward: Armor of the Sun

Seed of a Tree of Giants

Reward: Iron Leggings

Lighting Urn

Reward: Iron Helm

Loretta’s Bone

Reward: Ring of Sacrifice


Reward: Lucatiel Mask


Reward: Large Titanite Shard

Black Firebomb

Reward: Titanite Chunk

Prism Stone

Reward: Twinkling Titanite

Homeward Bone

Reward: Iron Bracers