Mission 3 Dauntless Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II

In the last mission Battle of Endor, Commander Iden Versio fought the Rebels on Endor, and now she heads to release Dauntless a Star Destroyer from rebels attack. This mission has a lot of fight inside TIE fighter, one of the major objectives is to destroy Ion Cannon guns.

Dauntless Walkthrough Battlefront II

Mission 3 Dauntless Walkthrough

After getting called by Garrick Versio admiral of Imperial Security Bureau, Commander Iden Versio heads to Eviscerator. This will be a cutscene about Operation Cinder. Commander Iden Versio will have to retrieve experimental satellites for the Star Destroyer Dauntless. The next location is Fondor, Imperial Shipyard.

Rebel Ship

Destroy the Corvette

The chapter starts with TIE Fighter mission, you can view the warship abilities and use it effectively in the fight. You will have to target the Rebel ships. After killing a big rebel ship, you will have to target the Rebel transports.

Destroy Rebel Transports

This will be a bit long mission, you have to destroy all the rebel transport ships in the path. Follow the red markers, which will lead you towards the transport ships. Then rejoin Agent Hask.

Defend Agent Hask

Follow the blue marker that will lead you to agent Hask, after you reach you have to defend the agent. For avoiding long routes try to fly between the massive ships.

Attack Rebel Hangar

Assault The Rebel Hangar

The next marker will take you inside the rebel cruiser, attack the rebels on the attack, you will stay inside the ship, take down other warships and rebels around. Destroy the stranded ships also, only after that you will be able to get out.

Ion Cannons

Reach the Ion Cannons

Once out, move slowly towards the cannon, the path will be on the right end side. Scan the area to locate the all the rebels in your path. Keep moving by killing the rebels, till you reach the Cannon. Look for blue lights, in this room, you can find a crate that will unlock two more abilities Brawler and Thermal Detonator. You can also use the computer to unlock the door on the right side, get access to surveillance camera for getting positions of rebels in the ship.

Rebel Ship Secure Area

Secure the Area

Walk ahead and you will spot a lot of rebels as you scan. You have to shoot in cover, try to take the ones that are on the front side. It will be easier for you then to move in.

Slice The Console

Kill all the rebels first, next you will get the blue marker that will lead you towards the console, it is on the top, look at the right end. Once you deploy the droid you will have to defend it from incoming Rebel attack. Stay around and kill the rebels who are coming in from the gate in front of the console. Go near the console and on top, you can see the cooling cell, shoot on it. Now follow the next marker to take down the second cell. Rebels will appear from the gate ahead, kill them to protect the Droid. Finally, shoot the cell.

Third Cell Explosive

Plant an Explosive

Now walk towards the final cell, look on the right of second cell console. Go near the cell to interact. There will be a cutscene.

Destroy the Power Sources

Once you are in TIE Fighter, fly towards the red marker to destroy the power sources. There will be two targets.

Destroy the Rebel Fighters

After dealing with the power sources, you will have to destroy the Rebel fighters around the ship.

Destroy Clamp Controls

Attack the Clamps

After getting the command, there will be four clamps you have to destroy the release the ship. Fly a bit far if you are unable to locate the target, shoot the clamp controls, one by one to release Dauntless.

Once the ship is free, it completes the chapter The Dauntless. You can also read our walkthrough on the next mission or go through our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki for more updates on the game.