Dead By Daylight: 10 Best Survival Tips To Escape the Forest


Dead By Daylight is a Survival Horror video game where you and 4 other players are trapped in an enclosed forest area at night. Your main Goal is to escape the enclosed area which is only possible either by activating all the generators in order to activate the large metal door or simply escape through a trapdoor which can only happen if you are the only survivor left in the forest, but the location of the trapdoor is random so it is very difficult. This guide will show you the best tips to survive longer and escape the enclosed area.

10 Best Survival Tips To Escape the Forest

10 Best Survival Tips To Escape the Forest

If you have no idea about what happened in the Beta then no need to worry as we are going to discuss everything you need to know starting from the game till the end as you win the game. Welcome to the Life of Survivor where you and 4 three other people will try to escape the enclosed area. You must identify the killer by knowing the trapper or hear the indicators which can be the killer. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the 10 best Survival Tips.

Keep it Slow

Being scared and making a quick decision won’t work here, but we recommend you to follow this guide’s list and you will have 100% win. You must be well aware of when to make you move as if you are running, you tend to leave a trail behind you which makes your killer know your exact location. So it’s better to take it slow and easy also you can use the environment as your cover like for example – Tallgrass.

If you think the killer has seen you then don’t panic, just wait for you right move. If you are injured then pay attention at the whimpering as the sound may alert the killer by the trail of your blood. Try to take cover whenever you are exposed to the Killer and avoid running.

Awareness is Must

Knowing your surrounding is what makes you the best survivor in the forest. When you hear a heartbeat while you are busy in some other item like unhooking someone, then try to move away from it until it’s gone as this means the killer is nearby. If you find him very close to come then try not to continue with your working, repairing or unhooking as this can be done later but if you get caught then you’ll get caught. We can recommend staying away from the basement as far as possible while being attacked.

Survival of the Best

You know everyone is not going to survive and thus, you cannot help two people at the same time. Sometimes you will find the Killer is waiting for his next prey and you surely don’t want to be the one. You must know when to help and whom to help, for example if the killer has just left the are without hooking them or hooked on to a hook inside the basement this is a quite an old technique which here is used to lure more people. The Killer is also aware of how much time you take to repair the Generator and while being in the basement try to survive longer instead for doing down.

Know the Cover Trail

If you decide to hide inside the closet then try not to get inside the one closest to the generator as the Killer will often check the closed area more. If you don’t have any scratch or marks then you can use it, but let us warn you about how tricky this can be.

The Perfect Move

We had warned you about the wounds and the noise, but even if the Killer notices you then its time for a good run as this is the only way to survive. Try to make use of the Envoiormemt by throwing the object on him and stun/slow him down. If you see trapper getting caught then you can see the bear traps which can free any survivor from his arm. While running and hitting him you can easily shake him away from the trail which makes you back in the game.

Listen to Know

Take Cover and try to listen to the environment and you can get the hint of the current situation. If you make Noice then even Killer are waiting for you to make your move and they can know your location. You can make noise by Sprinting towards the window and cabinet. The killer can easily track you with one single noise, so make sure you don’t make any such noise.

Importance of the Toolbox

Grab the Toolbox then sabotage any hook that isn’t a basement hook. If you manage to have enough charges then killer won’t be able to hook anyone on the surface which makes him turn around and walk away, but if you get caught then don’t do anything until you bleed and have 5% chance of escaping every time you do. There is a risk in doing as it will not only leave your team with a less time to rescue others but also lets the killer on a hunt to take you and your mates down.

Help you Teammates

Your teammates are just scared as you and you must help them to survive with you. From repairing the generators to off the hooks, make sure it’s safe and help them within time or else you and your mate will get trapper. Stay close and wait for the Killer to approach to you then make your next move.

Collect the Items

In your journey of survival against the killer, you can find various different items that can be collected from the chest and used as a Buff. We have a separate guide on which items to use and what are their buffs so you can know what are useful and what are not according to your gameplay. Check this Items Guide.

The Escape

As you mentioned earlier that there are only two ways to escape the forest and you must know which one to trace for and when. Suppose only you and one of your mates is still alive then we recommend going for the hatch to look for the exit in case your partner goes down by the killer. But here you need to be very quick before the Killer locates you, so make sure you have enough health to make your way towards the glory. If you manage to open the exit then hiding behind the brick wall is certainly a good option if your teammates can’t find the way out.