Tips To Defeat Phylakes Easily In Assassin’s Creed Origins

Getting the Black Hood Legendary Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Origins is a bit more serious job as you will need to be on level 38 minimum and you will have to complete the Phylake’s Prey Quest. While in this quest you will have to kill these roaming bosses know as the Phylake. After killing these Phylake’s you will get either a Legendary Weapon or Gear or sometime Ornamented key which will help you to open the chest for the Black Hood Outfit. In this guide, we have mentioned all the Tips and tricks that you can use to kill these Phylake’s with an additional information on what their level is and what minimum level you require to be and also mentioned the last objective that you need to do in order to collect the Black Hood Legendary Outfit. Basically, this Assassin’s Creed Origins guide shows how to Get Black Hood Legendary Outfit And Tips to easily defeat Phylake’s.

Assassin's Creed Origins - Black Hood Outfit Unlock Guide

How To Easily Defeat Phylake (Tips)

  • Try avoiding to battle with any of these, PHYLAKE unless you are as equal as their level.
  • If you are so eager to have a fight with them then you can approach and battle with them when you are at least 2 levels lower to them.
  • Try to start the fight with a Stealth attack. Doing an early damage with the stealth attack is really good.
  • Try using the smoke bombs, but don’t just use them all at once.
  • Try using the light and heavy attack when your enemy is down as using an overpower attack will usually cause a perfect attack which can be used in difficult times.
  • When your yellow bar is full, activate it to make yourself to get into fury mode which will turn your regular damage attack in to the heavy damage attack. This is only applicable on Blunt weapons, the Sickle Swords, and Scepters.


  • Use the Yellow bar attack when the enemy is usually stunned.
  • Use the Scepters in fury mode after unlocking a combo multiplier perks because this will let you make a loop damage attack while causing more damage each time you hit.
  • Use your overpower attack with a bow as you will also fill your adrenal gauge while staying away from the boss.
  • Stay away and stop attacking and start tackling and dogging the attacks as your third health bar is near to loose as this won’t ruminate too quickly. So wait until your health is rejuvenated with the help of regeneration Ability. (Don’t forget to take This ability).
  • When your health is too low or up to the second bar try using the bow while maintaining the Distance so that your health is been full and then get back in a close combat.
  • When there are some friends along with the Phylake then be smart and use the Dawn and Dusk Ability.
  • Use sleep dots to easily kill the extra enemies and against bosses to stun them and make a nice and heavy combo attack, while they cant do anything against.

All 10 Phylake In Assassin’s Creed Origins

The Outsider

  • Level: 20
  • Minimum: 18

Ptolemys Fist

  • Level: 22
  • Minimum: 20

The Iron Ram

  • Level: 25
  • Minimum: 23

The Stranger

  • Level: 28
  • Minimum: 26

Ras Mercy

  • Level: 30
  • Minimum: 28

The Hill

  • Level: 32
  • Minimum: 30

Bane of Hathor

  • Level: 35
  • Minimum: 33

Half Horn

  • Level: 38
  • Minimum: 36

The Galatian

  • Level: 39
  • Minimum: 37

The Iron Bull

  • Level: 40
  • Minimum: 38

Unlock Black Hood Legendary Outfit

Level Required: 38 (Minimum)

After that you have killed all 10 Phylake for Phylake’s Prey quest, you will be having many legendary weapons and 3 Ornamented key’s. These keys will help you to get the get the Black Hood Legendary, but you will need one last extra key, for which you will have to get to YW Huts which is located on the East side of the Herakleion Nome. Talk to the lady and she will give you small quest to complete where you will have to kill some level 40 Crocodiles and then she will give you the last key. After that, all you need to do is follow the simple objective and kill some more enemies and then get into the water and open the Chest to collect the Black Hood Legendary Outfit.

phylake-level-40-crocodile phylake-lady-yw-huts

phylake-final-objective hood-legendary-outfit

Note: Use Arrow to kill the Level 40 Crocodiles.

That’s all for this Guide on Simple Tips and Tricks for Phylake’s Prey Quest and how to unlock the Black Hood Legendary Outfit in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Stay tuned for more amazing updates on Assassin’s Creed Origins. Till then do refer to our Assassin’s Creed Origins Wiki page for other collectibles location, tips, and tricks, all Quests Walkthrough.