How to Defend Fortress – Middle-Earth Shadow of War Fortress Upgrade Guide

Fortresses are newly added mechanics to Middle-earth: Shadow of War. Once the fortresses in each area of Mordor are taken over and controlled will send a message to Sauron. After infiltrating the warchiefs and capturing a fortress it’s time to defend and upgrade them. This Fortress Upgrade Guide for Shadow of War will show you how to defend any Fortress you have conquered in the game. So without any further ado, let’s begin with Fortress Upgrades.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

How to Defend Fortress

First and foremost you need to promote the captain to become the new overlord. Similarly, other captains will are being promoted to warchiefs. Now to focus on the defense you need to plan and strategize how the enemies are going to attack. There are two ways enemies will attack the fortress, either someone else’s online conquest mission or as defense missions which is a part of Bruz’s storyline. For the Online attack, you don’t actually see it happen or participate in it. On the other hand, the Defense mission is more complicated with a wave of orcs and other enemy captains involved.

Note: Never leave your best Legendary Followers Guarding a Fortress

Since we’re dealing with defending Fortresses let’s narrow down the very best Fortress upgrades that you can buy. Upgrading your Fortress offers many benefits from strengthening your walls to adding siege weapons and more. In order to upgrade your Fortress, go to the region you conquered the Fortress in then go to your Army screen and press the R1 or RB button. It will open Siege Upgrades and Fortress Upgrades menu, now here are the upgrades and their combination.

Metal Walls – The best outer walls so far as these guarantee that your enemies won’t break the Fortress Walls.

Spiked Walls – Pairing it with the Metal Walls helps to boost your walls defense to the max.

Fiery Siege Beasts – These Beasts can work well with your Metal Walls keep the enemies out.

Iron Gates – Weakest in upgrade group? Try with Metal Walls which keeps your attackers stranded outside the Fortress for a longer time.

Hellfire – While the Iron Gates is defending the Drake light them up whenever they attempt to break down the gate.

Defender Host – Prime upgrade to provide from walls being breached.

Poison Mines – The Captains are the more susceptible to poison than fire.

Try to purchase additional slots in order to unlock extra defenders by clicking on the white lock. Yet to Capture a Fortress? Here is How to Destroy Fortress: Complete Fortress Assault Guide.