Destiny 2 – Best Leviathan Raid Weapons

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Destiny 2‘s first raid requires a fireteam of skilled, well-communicating, Guardians that can execute some highly mechanical maneuvers. While completing each challenge’s mechanics is critical, the weaponry you bring with you is just as important. Every Guardian should bring the weapons that they are most comfortable with, but this guide will show you our recommendations. Here are our best Leviathan Raid weapons:

Drang – Sidearm

Destiny 2 - Best Leviathan Raid Weapons

Many portions of the Leviathan raid are all about timing, and the Drang’s excellent handling can assist in getting a Guarding out of some touchy situations. The fact that the Drang is a Legendary Energy weapon, also leaves room for an exotic weapon in one of the other categories. If you don’t yet have the Drang, it is a vital part of the Rat King secret exotic quest.

Skyburner’s Oath – Scout Rifle

Destiny 2 - Best Leviathan Raid Weapons

Scout Rifles play an important role in the raid as they are some of the most accurate weapons available. The Gauntlet challenge, in particular, requires Guardians to be precise, and the Skyburner’s Oath is just that. The fact that it also comes with decent Impact and Stability ratings, ensure it a place on our list of recommendations. Its solar damage output is another bonus, as some of the bigger Cabal you’ll be facing come equipped with Solar shields.

Nameless Midnight – Scout Rifle

Destiny 2 - Best Leviathan Raid Weapons

The Nameless Midnight Scout Rifle is a Legendary Kinetic weapon that is reminiscent of the fable Hung Jury from Destiny 1. As is the case with the Skyburner’s Oath, the Nameless Midnight excels at accuracy and impact, and is vital for the Gauntlet challenge. Being merely a Legendary weapon allows Guardians to use up that coveted exotic weapon spot on something with a little more firepower.

Rat King – Sidearm

Destiny 2 - Best Leviathan Raid Weapons

The exotic Sidearm Rat King is an excellent primary weapon choice for those Guardians that are comfortable with the rapid fire tendencies of Sidearms. Closely related to the Drang, which we mentioned above, the Rat King makes for the perfect companion to the Legendary sidearm.

Merciless – Fusion Rifle

Destiny 2 - Best Leviathan Raid Weapons

If you’ve got an open Exotic weapon slot, and you’re looking for some firepower, you can’t go wrong with the Merciless Fusion Rifle. It can cut through some of the heavier enemies in the challenges like butter. While area of effect weapons may seem tempting, rocket launchers and particularly grenade launchers, are too unreliable in this raid. Missing an enemy will often result in failure, so you’re better served with a reliable Fusion Rifle.

What are your go-to weapons for the Leviathan Raid? Leave us your suggestions in the comments, and remember that our list is merely a recommendation. Each Guardian should use whatever weapons they are most comfortable with.

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