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In Destiny 2, the hunt for Power level can be long and arduous. Legendary Mods grant you 5 Power for each armor piece or weapon that you attach them to. This allows players to break through the new max Power level of 330 and hit 335 instead. It used to be a bit of luck was needed to get the right mods, especially those pesky Legendary Kinetic Mods, but things have changed with the release of the Curse of Osiris DLC. Thankfully, it can now be much easier to get your hands on the Legendary Mods you need to finish a specific build.

Legendary Mods

Destiny 2 - How To Buy Legendary Mods
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Before the DLC, you can could trade in three standard mods for a Legendary Mod from Banshee-44 at the Tower. You could also use two Mod Components to random roll out a Weapon or Armor mod. Whilst you can still do both these things, you can also purchase specific Legendary Mods directly from Banshee-44 now. It will cost you five Mod Components, but you can pick up a Legendary Kinetic Mod directly from Banshee. This is a much better way than the random roll of a Weapon Mod, which have a 25% chance of being a Kinetic.

You can also still trade in three normal mods for a Legendary Mod of the same type, or continue to spend two mod components to randomly roll a mod if you prefer.

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