Destiny 2 – Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Guide

Destiny 2

With the Curse of Osiris DLC comes a new end-game challenge: the Eater of Worlds Raid Lair! This raid once again takes part on Calus’ ship, the Leviathan, but this time you will be moving through new parts of the gigantic structure, and taking on new threats and challenges. Over the next day or two this guide will be expanding to encompass every aspect of the new raid lair, as the community at large learns more about it and discovers new ways to do things.

Escape the Reactor

Destiny 2 - Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Guide
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Upon loading into the new raid lair, head straight for the door in front of you. This will open, allowing you access to the underbelly of the Leviathan. There is only one path forward, so move ahead until you reach what appears to be a large, purple lake. You have arrived at the first of the new challenges in the raid. Your goal here is to safely cross to the other side. To do this, you need to hop onto the platforms that emerge from the water.

Destiny 2 - Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Guide
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Assign everyone in the raid team a number from one through to six. This will be the order you are moving in. This is important, as only one person can be standing on a platform at any given time. Sometimes the platforms you need to jump to can be a little confusing, so always remember that the person in front leads the way, and everyone else follows the person directly in front of them.

Some important things to note here:

  • The first is that enemies will be shooting you as you try to do this, so take them out as quickly as possible.
  • The second is that you cannot double jump after landing on the platforms, this will cause them to trigger and result in a failure.
  • There is a set time limit that you can stay on a platform, so be sure to move as quickly and calmly as possible.

This areas does have large platforms that act as checkpoints, once you reach these you can never be reset further than that, should you fail the next section.

Destiny 2 - Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Guide
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The challenge does eventually become trickier, as you must split up into two groups of three. I would recommend you consider one group as being numbers one, two and three, while the other group are designated as A, B and C. This will just make any call outs you need to do much simpler. The same rules apply here, simply follow the leader the whole way around.

Once you all reach the end, it is time to fight! This will take the form of a horde mode against Cabal enemies, and it can get a little hectic. Bring your heavy hitting guns, split into two groups to defend the left and right sides and you should get through it just fine.

Engine Room

After the fight in the reactor is over, you need to make your way through a dangerous area filled with giants pistons and lots of electricity! Anyone remember the “dick wall” from the Taken King raid? Yeah. These pulses will instantly kill anyone who is exposed to them, and will easily wipe your team if you are not careful.

To avoid the powerful pulse, watch out for safety areas marked in yellow as you make your way across the tubes. It is probably best to move in two groups here, to avoid jostling and the chance of knocking each other into danger.

Make your way all the way across and it is time to load yourself into what appears to the barrel of a giant gun. You are soon going to find yourself floating through the very heart of the Leviathan ship itself. Make your way down past all the broken pieces of rock and buildings until you reach the very bottom.

Break the Barrier

Now that your team has safely arrived at the bottom you will notice an enormous structure at the center of the area. Get very familiar with the layout of this place, as the next two stages of the raid will occur here. It is a good idea to have people run around and get used to the lay of the land, as everyone is going to be moving around this space a lot.

Items, called Vex Craniums, will be circling the main structure. Be sure to learn where they are placed, as getting to them quickly is important. These will need to be picked up and placed in the fires at the three altars that are dotted around the arena. The next part is all about good communication and matching damage types. The surface of the huge structure at the center will have huge mines, the color of which will indicate a damage type. Purple for Void, Blue for Arc, and Yellow for Solar.

The three different altars will all charge the Craniums up with a different elemental power. You then need to use the correct skulls to destroy the corresponding mines before they can explode. This can all be a little tricky, so take your time fully getting to grips with the pacing of the encounter, and the paths you need to take.

For this part, split into three teams of two. One member of each team needs to stay at the altar and deal with the enemies that will be spawning. The others will be the runners, responsible for the Craniums and doing damage to the mines.

The first thing to do is call out which side is the focus, then call out what mines are active on that side. Let the team know the number of active mines for each element, so that the runners can collect the Craniums and get them into the right altars.

When the cannons are ready, grab them and use their laser attack to take out the correct mines. You can fully destroy a mine with enough ammo left over to take half the health of another one. Keep this in mind when coordinating who is going after what mine. Once all the mines on one side have been removed, that side will dissolve away. Repeat this process for all sides and you will be on to the next stage.

Clear communication is vital for this part, so it may be best to just let the runners do the talking while the defenders silently deal with the adds.

Argos, Planetary Core, Boss Fight

Now it is time to fight the boss. You will once again need those Vex Craniums, and it is similar to the previous portion, but demands good coordination. Argos himself is surrounded by a large shield. To get through this, you need to wait until one side becomes active, which is shown by a large glowing cylinder that will appear in the shield wall. There will also be three massive glowing crystals. Take note of the elemental type of the crystals. They charge up Vex Craniums with the corresponding element type, just like before.

You need to shoot these crystals at the same time, to get them to move towards the cylinder. If all the crystals arrive at roughly the same time, they will crash into each other and bring down the shield wall for a damage phase.

It is now time to group up and put a hurting on Argos, hitting him with as much damage as possible. Beware of glowing nets that Argos will cast at you, as these will lift whoever they hit up into the air, and your team mates will need to shoot them to free you. This costs valuable time and ammo that could be spent hurting the boss.

There will also be enemy harpies that dive bomb a targeted player, so take those out before they can kill you. Once you have dealt enough damage, the boss will go invulnerable and threaten to wipe the team. Platforms will appear and it is time to change your mindset to ensure you don’t wipe.

Split into two groups and climb the platforms to get access to weak spots on Argos. There will be one on each arm, two on his head, and two on his back. They will be easy enough to spot as they glow white. The aim here is to keep sustained fire on the weak spot. It is not about total damage. Have both groups go to a different spot, then make sure that someone is always shooting it. Always have someone covering it while other people reload. Under sustained fire the spots go red and eventually explode. This saves the team from being wiped.

Once you have avoided the wipe, return to the center and prepare to fightagain. You have four potential damage phases to defeat the boss. After the end of the fourth damage phase, there is no way to cancel the wipe.

Destiny 2 - Complete Eater of Worlds Raid Lair Guide
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This raid really is all about clear communication and solid team work, which is what makes it so enjoyable. Make sure that all Guardians have time to get comfortable with their roles, and you should be able to bring down Argos, and get some nice new loot.

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