Destiny 2 – Discover the Complete Destiny Story So Far

Whether you’re brand new to the Destiny universe or a stalwart veteran, you’ll be looking forward to Destiny 2. Now might be the perfect time to catch up on exactly what has happened in the Destiny Story so far.

The Story So Far

Destiny’s story has always been one of its most criticized features. It has been described as too short, too disjointed, too convoluted, non-existent, and downright awful in the past. Truth is, there is actually a huge amount of lore and story present in the Destiny universe, but where the first game fell flat was in the delivery. The single player missions were light on details, scarce on engaging characters, until Bungie finally got better at it towards the end of the Destiny 1 era.

The damage had been done though. Many people simply didn’t care about the story anymore. No one wanted to read Grimoire cards to figure out what’s behind that exotic helm they just decrypted. I would never begrudge anyone of hating the story delivery systems in Destiny. They weren’t very good. But once you got your teeth into it and kept digging, things got very interesting. The Destiny timeline is filled with secrets, theories, unconfirmed rumors, and more. The community has done a marvelous job of stepping in where Bungie fell short. Many times theories were brought forward by Redditors; some confirmed by Bungie, some so outlandish as to not even garner a comment.

Destiny 2 will attempt to do a better job of handling the story. Gone are the grimoire cards. The story will be told through the game itself.

“The answer to that question is ‘no’ and the reason it’s ‘no’ is because we want to put the lore in the game,” said Steve Cotton, world design lead on Destiny 2, answering a question from Forbes about whether the game will feature Grimoire cards.

To ensure players get off on the right foot, Bungie has been releasing videos introducing some of the main characters of the Destiny 2 campaign. We’ve embedded them below.

The Complete Story of Destiny

Finally, Byf, a popular Destiny YouTuber and expert in its lore, has posted a 90 minute video giving a chronological rundown of everything that’s happened in the world up until this very moment in time. This video should be must watch material for anyone, beginner and veteran alike, as it explains the history of the Traveller, Guardians, Ghosts, and everything you encounter in the game. This is as close to watching a Destiny movie as you can get folks, and I recommend you get comfortable. Enjoy!

If you enjoyed that, be sure to support Byf’s YouTube channel so he may grace us with many more videos once Destiny 2 enters our lives.

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