Destiny 2 – Where to Farm Wizards

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is sending people on quests to earn presents during the Dawning event. After loading the Tower, grab your quest near Ikora. You may have to track down 15 Wizards and collect their brittle capes to fulfill the requirement. If you’re thinking about going to the Moon, because that’s where Wizards come from, you’ll be out of luck. The Moon is not accessible in Destiny 2. Instead, this adventure will take you somewhere else.

Where to Farm Wizards

Destiny 2 - Where to Farm Wizards
Deathless AdventureTL;DR Games • Fair Use

The best place to find Wizards is on Titan in the Deathless adventure that is available on The Rig. If you don’t have this adventure, make sure you see Sloane to activate it. Once activated, follow the waypoints to the Solarium. While the objective of this adventure is to defeat Kalrog the Knight, we are more focused on the Attendant Wizards that give Kalrog a shield.

After taking this first Wizard out, and Kalrog has moved to the next section, you have another Attendant Wizard that needs to be dealt with and added to your progress towards 15. After clearing this area, you will be lead to a courtyard filled with Hive. Take the Thrall out and you’ll see two Attendant Wizards that are ready to be taken out as well.

Once these two Wizards are taken out, the next step is to let any Hive in the room kill you. I know that’s not how Guardians normally do things, but to complete your collection of brittle capes, this is how it must be. After you load back in to the courtyard, all you must do is rinse and repeat until you have your 15 Wizards and have collected their brittle capes.

When all is said and done, you can send those Wizards back to the Moon from whence they came. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for all things Destiny 2.