Destiny 2 – What are Fated Engrams from Xur?

Destiny 2

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The latest Destiny 2 update is attempting to make life a little bit easier for collectors of Exotic items in the game. As fun as random decryptions are, it can be a little frustrating to receive items you already have in your collection. The newly introduced Fated Engram, or Isochronal Engram, as it’s know to Xur, seeks to alleviate this hardship.

Fated (Isochronal) Engram

Destiny 2 - What are Fated Engrams from Xur?
Fated EngramBungie • Fair Use

Every week, when Xur comes to visit, he will bring with him a single Fated Engram that you may purchase. Its price is steep, ringing in at 97 Legendary Shards, though you’re probably drowning in those. When this Fated Engram decrypts, it will decrypt into an Exotic item which is still missing from your collection. At this time, it is unknown what happens when you already own everything there is to own. Ideally you’ll just get a piece of celery.

Bungie has finally come up with a guaranteed way to get what you’re looking for and make progress towards your collections in Destiny 2. There is a small catch, and that is that there is a limit of one Fated Engram per week. But even with that restriction, I am grateful that there is a way to ensure you’re not going to be disappointed with a Fated Engram.

The next choice Guardians will have to make is how to invest their Legendary Shards. Prior to this update, there was very little use for them. Now, you must choose between Three of Coins, Masterwork Weapon upgrades, purchasing items directly from vendors, and many more options.

I suppose that’s a good problem to have. How will you spend your Legendary Shards? Let us know in the comments and be sure to visit our Destiny 2 Guide Hub for more advice.