Destiny 2 – How To Get Masterwork Weapons

Destiny 2

Destiny 2‘s most recent update has brought a new tier of weapons for you to find. Masterwork weapons can drop from Legendary Engrams from slain enemies, as long as you are above 250 Power. This includes Engrams that can be purchased from the Cryptarch in the tower for 25 Legendary Shards each, or weapons from packages earned via tokens, although the chances of this seem to be slim. It will be quite obvious when you get your hands on one of these new weapons, as a yellow detailing has been added to the animation, and the weapon itself will have a yellow border.

What Are Masterwork Weapons

Masterworks are weapons that have an additional perk. If you inspect the weapon, you will see a new box beside the ones for mods and Shaders. Highlight the box and you can see the additional perk that the weapon has. Masterwork weapons also track kills in game, and have the chance to generate orbs for your fireteam on a kill. A weapon with the Vanguard Masterwork active will track enemy kills during PvE, while a weapon with the Crucible Masterwork active will track kills during PvP.

Destiny 2 - How To Get Masterwork Weapons
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Masterwork Core

If you are unhappy with the bonus stat, they can be re-rolled using three Masterwork Cores. Cores are obtained by breaking down Masterwork weapons. Legendary Weapons also have the option of being upgraded to Masterworks using cores, but it will take ten cores to do so. You can also switch between the Vanguard and Crucible rolls, but once again this will cost you ten cores.

At the moment it is not known how many different types of perks there are for these weapons, but we will write a comprehensive guide as soon as we know. If you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2 be sure to check out our comprehensive Guide Hub.