Destiny 2 – How to Get Masterwork Cores

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has introduced a new level of legendary weaponry in the latest update. These Masterwork weapons can be attained by decrypting legendary engrams, as we’ve already told you in our How to get Masterwork Weapons guide. But you can also upgrade your existing legendary weapons to Masterwork status. Every legendary weapon can be upgraded, provided you know how. And that’s why you’re here.

Masterwork Upgrade

Destiny 2 - How to Get Masterwork Cores
Masterwork UpgradeTL;DR Games • Fair Use

As you can see in the screenshot above, I am able to upgrade this Nameless Midnight scout rifle, one of the best in the game, to Masterwork status by providing it with 25 Legendary Shards as well as 10 Masterwork Cores. Legendary Shards are easy to come by, but Masterwork Cores are a new item that was introduced during the December 12, 2017 update. You cannot purchase these Masterwork Cores, but you can get them by other means.

Dismantle Masterwork Weapons

Destiny 2 - How to Get Masterwork Cores
Dismantle Masterwork WeaponTL;DR Games • Fair Use

It may sound crazy to dismantle an existing Masterwork weapon in order to get Masterwork Cores, but that’s how Bungie has designed it. In order to get Masterwork Cores so that you can upgrade an existing legendary weapon, you must dismantle a Masterwork Weapon. Each time you dismantle a weapon, you will receive between one and three Masterwork Cores. Since it takes ten Masterwork Cores to upgrade a weapon, this process may take a while.

Destiny 2 - How to Get Masterwork Cores
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Any Masterwork Cores that you have will show up in your inventory alongside other consumable items. Simply collect enough and you can now make any of your legendary weapons a Masterwork Weapon.

The same principles apply to Masterwork Armor. For more help and guides in Destiny 2 be sure to check out our Guide Hub.