Destiny 2 – What You Need to Know About Guided Games

Destiny 2 Raid Release

Getting Guardians together for certain events in Destiny 2 can be awkward. This is why Bungie have introduced the Guided Games system. Clan members can team up to help other players get through the Nightfall and the Raid. It is not a perfect system, but Bungie seem to be working out the problems. Here is everything you need to know about Guided Games.

What Are Guided Games?

Guided Games are a way for Clan members to free up a slot in their fireteam for another player that they do not know. Two clan members can do a Nightfall with a stranger, or more than that can get together to help someone through the Raid. To find out how to set up or join a Clan check out our guide.

The clan members are known as Guides, whilst the stranger is referred to as a Seeker. Everybody needs to meet the relevant Level and Power requirements for the event. Seekers will need a Guided Game Ticket. Everyone gets some of these from the Postmaster at the start of the game.

How To Access Guided Games

In order to access this part of the game, simply go to the Vanguard section of your Director. Under both the Nightfall and the Raid portions there will be a Guided Games option. Click on this to pick whether you wish to be the Guide or the Seeker. You will be advised on how long you will need to wait for the game. Sadly, you cannot perform other activities while you are in the queue.

The Guardian’s Oath

Both Seekers and Guides must agree to the Guardian’s Oath.

Before beginning a Guided Game, both Seekers and Guides will be prompted to accept the Guardian Oath and agree to be Helpful, Attentive, Observant, Willing to Learn/Teach, and Friendly. Accepting the prompt will apply the Guardian Oath buff to all participants of the Guided Game which lasts for the 45 minute time commitment listed as a requirement for the Guided Game.

The Oathkeeper Score is a way for people to see that your Clan is, in fact, good at help people finish activities. This measures how well a Clan adheres to the Guardian Oath as measured by finishing Guided Game activities. Seekers can view a Clan’s Oathkeeper Score while setting up a Guided Game activity. A Clan’s score is also visible on their Clan page.

Leaving An Activity

You can leave an activity before it is finished, but doing so may incur a penalty.

Abandoning: Players that abandon or are disconnected from the Guided Games Fireteam before the Guardian Oath buff expires will have the Oathbreaker debuff applied to them which places a time penalty on the player that prevents them from queuing for a new Guided Game session until the debuff expires. If a player abandons the Guided Game session with a penalty, all remaining players can leave the session without penalty.

Vote to Leave: If a player wishes to leave the activity without penalty, they can pull out their Ghost and use the “Vote to Resign” option. The other Fireteam members will then be able to pull out their Ghosts and select the “Vote to Resign” option to vote to allow players to leave the activity without incurring a penalty.

Now that you know how to meet helpful Guardians for the more difficult activities in Destiny 2, be sure to visit our Guide Hub to learn about everything else you need to know!