Destiny 2 – New Max Level and Power Level Cap – Season of the Chosen

How powerful can you become?

Destiny 2

A central part of Destiny 2 is the endless chase for Power. A players Power level dictates how hard a time they will have in activities like Dungeons, Nightfalls, and Raids, and the higher the Power the better resource farming you can do.

Each new expansion and season pushes the max Power level higher and higher, giving Guardians a reason to keep jumping back into the fight against their enemies. Over the years, the concept of max Power has grown a little more complicated, so in this guide, we will break it all down.

The max Power level in Destiny 2, as of the Season of the Chosen, is 1300. Players who hit that max level can then push it a little bit further can getting a full loadout of Pinnacle gear. Pinnacle gear is the rarest type of Legendary Gear in the game, capable of dropping up to 10 Power level higher than the current cap, making it possibel for players to hit 1310 Power in the Season of the Chosen.

So, while the Power level is normally tied to the average Power level of all equipped items and weapons, there is another consideration, the Seasonal Artifact. Each season Destiny 2 has a new Seasonal Artifact that can be leveled up to earn Seasonal Mods. On top of this, the Seasonal Artifact can always award players with levels of Power. These Power boosting levels are temporary, lasting only as long as the season does, and will give all players a boost on top of the weapons and armor that they have equipped.

So, for the most part, reaching the 1300 Power level should allow players a fighting chance in every activity that the game has to offer.