Destiny 2 – Saint-14 Secrets in Curse of Osiris

Destiny 2

Destiny 2‘s lore is littered with legendary Guardians that came before you. Saint-14 is one of those Guardians whose fate is largely unknown. Though there are a number of lore entries, grimoire cards, and transcripts that leave us clues as to what happened to Saint-14, the latest and most damning clue may have been found in the Curse of Osiris DLC.

Saint-14’s Tomb in Up and Up

Destiny 2 - Saint-14 Secrets in Curse of Osiris
Saint-14’s Tomb?TL;DR Games • Fair Use

As part of the Up and Up Adventure on Mercury, Guardians will come across a sealed door with a suspicious looking peephole in it. Scaling the door in order to peer inside, you will be able to spot a body suspended in air. It is covered in ribbons of some sort and appears to be the remains of a person. Discovered by Reddit user iskanoth, the general consensus of people smarter than me seems to be that this may be Saint-14. There are several theories that support this idea. Saint-14 is known to have traveled to Mercury in order to find Osiris.

The lore section of the Exotic ship Saint-14 Gray Pigeon seems to indicate that he may now be dead. Keen eyes will also point out that the ribbons visible on the ship appear to be similar to those draped over the floating body behind the sealed door.

Destiny 2 - Saint-14 Secrets in Curse of Osiris
Saint-14’s Gray Pigeon • Fair Use

There is also a working theory on Reddit that suggests that we will be sent on a future mission to find Saint-14, and that perhaps this discovery behind the door is just a preview. Keep in mind that this door is discovered during the Up and Up Adventure where Guardians enter one of countless possible futures. In fact, the sun has been destroyed in that particular future and nothing but the eyes of Vex are visible on the planet Mercury. Surely this means that not all hope is lost for Saint-14? You’ll have to form your own theories and wait until Bungie provides us with further details.

Update: Someone has now managed to glitch into the room and posted the following video. It’s quite clear that this is Saint-14’s body, though we will still have to wait to find out what the quest will be that leads us to it as Bungie intended.