Destiny 2 – How to Spawn the Secret Traveler Ball

 Destiny 2 – How to Spawn the Secret Traveler Ball

After completing the Destiny 2 campaign, Guardians will get a chance to explore the Tower. While it’s still under construction, there are many secrets to be found. Eagle-eyed Guardians will have noticed that the Purple Ball from the original tower has made a return. But this time, it’s part of a bigger secret!

How to Spawn the Traveler Ball

This puzzle can be a little tricky. There are several destinations that you have to kick the balls to, which can be difficult if other Guardians interfere. You can’t really blame them, they may simply not be aware. It can be a nuisance, however, so be sure to bring some patience with you. The video below will show you exactly where to take the various balls. Keep your comments about my kicking abilities to yourself, please.

For those that prefer to read their puzzle solutions, here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Starting with the purple ball, kick it to the balcony that’s just above where Lord Shaxx is located. This is on the same level that the ball spawns on and fairly straight forward. After getting the ball into the large circle on the ground, fireworks will commence and a new ball will spawn.
  2. The green ball spawns in the same place and needs to be kicked down to the main courtyard and into the small dead-end stairwell behind Tess Everis. This is where random Guardians can sometimes interfere and it’s easy to accidentally kick the ball on top of the kiosks instead of into the stairwell.
  3. A black ball will now spawn and this one needs to go up a level. Kick it straight up onto the path behind where it spawns and then to the end of the pier where several workers are hanging out. Fireworks will signal that you’ve done it correctly.
  4. Now a blue ball will appear. Kick this ball into the center of the catwalk that connects the two piers where Commander Zavala and Lord Shaxx are located. Be careful not to kick the ball off the Tower while avoiding other Guardians that may be oblivious to your efforts.

If at any time a ball gets lost somewhere or falls off the Tower, the puzzle will simply respawn a ball of the same color.

After completing those four tasks, fireworks will appear in the sky above the Tower and a giant ball resembling the Traveler will slowly descend. Your fellow Guardians will certainly be in awe of what you’ve done here!

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