Destiny 2 – The Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Lord Shaxx

Destiny 2

The Dawning is Destiny 2‘s holiday event and brings with it snowball fights, new loot, and of course, gifts. These gifts aren’t free, however, as Guardians will have to work for them. After picking up a random gift from Today’s Gift Schematics, you’ll need to assemble it by completing a few tasks, and then bring it to its intended recipient. This guide will show you how to present Lord Shaxx with his gift and get some rewards in return.

Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Lord Shaxx

Destiny 2 - The Dawning's Gift Schematic: Lord Shaxx
Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Lord ShaxxTL;DR Games • Fair Use

If you picked up the Dawning’s Gift Schematic: Lord Shaxx from the pile of gifts, you’ll be heading out to perform a couple of errands, like you do for everyone else. We’re kinda used to Shaxx yelling at us in the Crucible, so let’s not mess this up. In order to complete the quest, you will need to perform the following feats:

  • Collect 10 Phaseglass
  • Defeat 15 Servitors

Phaseglass is found on Io and you’ve probably harvested it before. Just do that again until you have a total of 10 Phaseglass. Servitors are a little more difficult to find, but there’s a trick. Head to Nessus, into the sector where Failsafe is. There is a public even that spawns there that will have a total of five servitors that you can kill. There is also a Lost Sector just southwest of the Exodus Black’s location. In it you will find two servitors. Kill them, then fast travel back out, then rinse and repeat.

Crucible Throat Lozenges

Destiny 2 - The Dawning's Gift Schematic: Lord Shaxx
Crucible Throat LozengesTL;DR Games • Fair Use

Once you’ve completed the requirements of the quest step, you’ll see that the Dawning’s Gift Schematic has turned into Crucible Throat Lozenges in your inventory. Hah! I get it. It’s because he yells a lot. Give Lord Shaxx some much needed relief and he’ll reward you with some gifts from the Dawning Gear loot pool. Hopefully you’ll get something nice!