Destiny 2 – Trials of the Nine Guide

Destiny 2

Trials of the Nine is Destiny 2’s ultimate PvP challenge. For Trials, you team up with three friends to take on another team of Guardians. Over the course of multiple matches your aim will be to get a flawless victory, though even one match win will grant you access to powerful end-game loot, and a new social hub, the Third Spire. Trials can be extremely tough, the teams of players that engage it can be extremely skilled. You need to have a good understanding of the basics of Destiny 2 PvP before you enter if you expect to have any success.

Accessing Trials of the Nine

To be able to participate in Trials of the Nine you need to have finished the story, be at least 260 Power, and have finished a Call To Arms Milestone for Shaxx at least once.

To start, you need a fireteam of four who all match the above criteria. Go to your Director and select Crucible, then select Trials of the Nine. This will automatically place you into the matchmaking queue.


Trials takes place from Friday to Monday each week. Trails will begin at the following times on Friday each week.

  • 18:00pm BST
  • 19:00pm EU
  • 13:00pm EST
  • 10:00am PST
  • 03:00am AWST

Game Modes and Maps

Trials games modes include Countdown and Survival. If you wish to experience these modes outside of Trials you can do so in the Competitive Crucible Playlist.

Countdown involves one team defending two bomb sites, with the other team tasked with setting a bomb. Both teams can win by wiping out the opposing team. Survival grants both teams a limited amount of lives, with the winner being the one that depletes the other teams lives and then wipes them out.

The Maps that Trials can play out on are Eternity, Emperor’s Respite, The Dead Cliffs, and Midtown. Both the mode and the map will rotate each weekend.

Rules of the Nine

It is best to be familiar with all the rules for Trials before you start. When actually play a card, you will want to focus on tactics and strategy, not be wondering about what comes next. I have listed the rules for you below.

  • During Trials, loadouts are locked. This means you need to choose your weapons and armor before you start searching for your match. During the fight you cannot change your loadout. As such, cover your bases. Be prepared to fight at multiple ranges or you won’t be able to react mid game.
  • At the start of a match each Guardian and their loadout will be displayed. Use this opportunity to get to know your enemy.
  • Power levels are disabled. It doesn’t matter what Power level you are once you can hit the 260 Power level for access. Everyone is on an even footing in Trials of the Nine.
  • Trials takes the form of up to ten matches, known as a “card”. If you hover over the Trials icon in your Director you can examine your card, it will record your wins and loses.
  • A single win will start the tracking process. You can lose a match and it will not be counted as a loss. Your card is active only from that first win.
  • A Flawless card is seven victories in a row, with no losses.
  • You can lose up to three matches that will be forgiven by the sytem, but will be unable to get a Flawless victory if you lose any.
  • A forth loss will cause your card to reset, and you will need to start from the beginning. If you wish to reset it yourself, this can be done in the Director by interacting with the Trials icon.

Loot of the Nine

Winning matches in Trials earns you Tokens you can use in the Third Spire social space. Whether you win or lose, you can earn Rare or Legendary Engrams also. A single win is enough to get you access to the Third Spire which is accessible through the Director, above the Trials icon.

There are four different reward tiers that you can access in the Third Spire. Which ones you can get depends on your performance in Trials. The rewards can be received from three different vendors called Emissaries. You can exchange your Tokens with them for Trials Engrams.

  • One win gives you access to the first Emissary.
  • Three wins gives you access to the second Emissary. They will reward you with a Trials Legendary Engram and you can hand in your tokens if you wish.
  • Seven wins with up to three losses gives you access to the third Emissary who will grant you a choice between three different weapons.
  • A Flawless run of seven wins and no losses will give you access to a secret fourth Emissary. When you interact with this enormous being, you will be given a choice of two free Class specific gifts, an emblem and an aura. You will also have access to exclusive Flawless gear. You will need to hand over Tokens to this Emissary to get it, however.

This event has its own weapons that you can earn as a reward. These include;

  • Adjudicator – SMG
  • A Sudden Death – Shotgun
  • A Swift Verdict – Sidearm
  • Judgment – Hand Cannon
  • Prosecutor – Auto Rifle
  • Relentless – Pulse Rifle
  • The Long Walk – Sniper Rifle

That covers the basics of Trials of the Nine. The real trick to the event, and achieving success in it, is being willing to learn and maybe get beaten up a little bit while you get to grips with it. There are plenty of players out there who have put countless hours into the mode and developed winning tactics and strategies. If you wish to beat them, you will have to develop a solid ability to play the game.

If you need help with any other aspect of Destiny 2 be sure to check out our Guide Hub.