Destiny 2 – What Does Ikora Rey Want?

Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, non-player characters tend to blink at you when they have something worthy of your attention. The Postmaster’s icon will be flashing to let you know there are items to collect, Tess Everis will be blinking at you when you’ve got an Illuminated Engram to decrypt, and Lord Shaxx will blink at you when he wants to tell you how poorly you did in the last Crucible match. Seriously though, I hate that guy.

In the latest Destiny 2 update, Bungie made changes to this notification behavior so that NPCs will only alert you to their presence if you have something truly worthwhile. No longer will the Gunsmith flash incessantly when you only have a single Gunsmith Material on you, unless that single token will result in a new legendary engram. Unfortunately, no one seems to have told Ikora Rey about this change.

Ikora Rey Keeps Blinking

Destiny 2 - What Does Ikora Rey Want?
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You’ve certainly noticed that Ikora Rey keeps blinking at you on the map in the tower. You’ve probably seen the square icon that’s beckoning you to go visit her. You’ve also felt the disappointment when, once again, she actually has nothing new to give you.

Initially it was thought that perhaps if you pick up one of her Meditations, that the blinking might cease. It would stand to reason that Bungie would get more aggressive in trying to get us into those activities which are, frankly, less than appealing. Alas, that was not the case, and the blinking and flashing continues.

While I wish we had more information as to what’s behind Ikora Rey’s constant blinking, it appears to be a simply bug. Sure, it’s not game breaking or even game altering in any shape or form, but for those of us with the slightest hint of “Notification OCD”, it’s a problem. Here’s to hoping that Bungie has a chat with Ikora soon and gets her to go back to her quiet old self.