Destiny 2 – What is Three of Coins?

Destiny 2

The latest update to Destiny 2 has brought back an item that Xur used to peddle to Guardians in the days of Destiny 1. The Three of Coins consumable item is now available for sale with the tentacle-faced stranger. Xur will accept Legendary Shards in exchange for these odd coins.

What is Three of Coins?

Destiny 2 - What is Three of Coins?
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Three of Coins is a consumable item that will increase the drop rate of Exotic Engrams for a set duration in Destiny 2. A single consumable item costs 32 Legendary Shards and lasts for 4 hours. Xur’s next appearance is this Friday, so we will update this article at that time. In Destiny 1, the Three of Coins was complicated and a bit nebulous as to how it worked. Bungie announced that the Destiny 2 version is a simplified model that simply raises the drop rate of Exotic Engrams for a set amount of time. Think of it as a Fireteam Medallion whose only purpose is to give you more chances at Exotics.

How to Use Three of Coins

Whenever you’re interested in grinding for extra power or light, you should consider the use of Three of Coins. While they do not guarantee any Exotics, it will raise the chances. Simply consume a Three of Coins item and then go on your way, doing the activities you usually do to raise your light level. Have a look at our power leveling guide to assist you in what activities to choose.

Unlike in Destiny 1, these consumable do not stack, so don’t bother using up more than one at a time. Once the time runs out, just pop another one and watch the Exotic loot come rolling in (just kidding, it’ll only help a little bit).