Destiny Field Test Weapons Guide For Week 1: How To Level Up and Best Place To Level Each Weapons

 Destiny Field Test Weapons Guide For Week 1: How To Level Up and Best Place To Level Each Weapons

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Yesterday, Bungie made available Destiny Gunsmith Field Test Weapons i.e. allowing players to try out the new weapons (a total of five weapons, you can check out the entire list and stats here). The guide gives some more details about Field Test Weapons for Week 1 and what is the best place to level each weapon.

Destiny Gunsmith Week One Guide

Please Note: If you haven’t done the Nightfall then you should not start these tests. If you do so without completing Nightfall then you will no be able to reach RANK 1 this week.

Omonlon Test FR1 – Fusion Rifle: To Level Up – Get Kills In Crucible

This thing sounds like spinning up a galaxy, I love it. I recommend Clash for this one. You should be able to get this done in one or two matches no problem.


Hakke Test-A – Pulse Rifle: To Level Up – Make Precision Shots

What a satisfying sound for a pulse rifle, this might be my favorite gun sound in the game! Like with 3/4 of all quests in Destiny, I would go to Siege of the Warmind, one of the story quests from The Dark Below. It can be found on Earth.

As soon as you enter the bunker, your first fight will include multiple waves of Thrall running your way. Easy pickings for headshots, and death will reset you to just before the fight each time. Just make sure you do NOT go into the room with Rasputin’s mainframe in it or your checkpoint will move ahead. EDIT – THE PERK ON THIS THING IS AWESOME! After a kill, your radar becomes twice as sensitive to detecting where the enemy is, AND it will highlight chests and farming mats as well!


Hakke Test-A – Sniper Rifle: To Level Up – Get Double Kills

Sound pretty mechanical and maneuvers like it were made of concrete. Again, head to Siege of the Warmind and just take some shots at the Thrall, you will be done in no time.


Omolon Test RR1 – Sniper Rifle: To Level Up – Get Kills In Crucible

This could be the first rail gun for Guardians. Cool little hiss when reloading too. I would go for Control here, as you’re more likely to have standing targets defending or capturing points for much easier sniping.

Destiny Omonlon Test RR Screenshot

Suros TSR-10 – Rocket Launcher: To Level Up – Kill High Ranking (Yellow Health) Enemies

You’re going to have to kill 10 yellow-health enemies, so your best bet is to go patrolling on Earth and just jumping down into the subway on your left. Three Hive elites will be down there on your right, just rinse and repeat a few times and you’ll be finished!


Thanks to Reddit user GLHFScan for this guide.