Destiny: How to Gain Easy Sparrow Racing League Reputation Tips and Tricks

 Destiny: How to Gain Easy Sparrow Racing League Reputation Tips and Tricks

Sparrow Racing League(SRL) makes its debut in Destiny. Players have already started hitting the tracks in order to unlock 4 new Grimoire Cards. Those who own the Taken Kings expansion will get their hands on first in the Sparrow Racing League. This Destiny Guide will help you with some tips and tricks with the Sparrow Racing League.

Sparrow Racing League

The Sparrow Racing League will help you earn better loot drops at the end of the race only if you manage to show your best skills, SRL ranking, and reputation. This a limited time update and is only available till the end of December. So try and make as much loot as you want. This tips and tricks Guide will help you get the best of the SRL. Without any further ado, let’s begin with the Best Tips and Tricks for SRL.

Hit the Gates

From a beginners point of view, as and when you start the first race you’ll have some objectives that will prove your performance in the race. For that you need to hit a series of glowing Blue Gates. By hitting this gates will provide a speed boost, but only if you hit 3-4 consecutive gates. Miss any of these gates then you will greatly reduce your speed for each miss. Your opponents will have similar speed from the start and it all depends on how many gates you manage to hit nad get the boost.

Note: The Player on the first place will have a narrow boost gate compared to the players lagging behind.


Raise your SRL Class License & Reputation

The SRL License and Reputation can also be earned with hitting the gates. The Gates not only help you with the Boost but also with unlocking the higher SRL License like Class B, Class A. This is only possible if you make maximum hits consecutively. Improving the player’s reputation and License will help you with the availability of 320 level items like helmets and gear etc. If you give your best you can even max your character rank with high SRL reputation.


Eliminate Opponents

As the weapons and abilities are not allowed to use during the race we can still manage to eliminate the opponents by destroying their Sparrow. Sparrows are destructible, but they need to be hit hard into any obstacles or cliffs etc. If you have an easy first run then ignore this part, but if you are struggling to get to the first position then you must try this. Make use of the Bumper button on your controller to attack them side-by-side.


It can be also used to dodge the opponent’s attacks. Those who are hit or going down will respawn, but that is none of your concern as they will be spawning far behind with some trouble chasing you. You must be ready for the same as we have learned this tactic from the opponents itself. Get ready and go grab your position.

Master the Track

For now, you have only two tracks available – Campus Martius on Mars, and Infinite Descent on Venus. It’s better to know what’s coming and how challenging it can be, so try the races, again and again, to know the terrain and how the opponents are trained to beat your ass off. Build your own tactics and improve your driving skills to get ready for the upcoming races which we are sure will be more difficult. Also, racing the tracks and beating your best time will increase your SRL reputation. Complete those SRL bounties and grab all the possible rewards after the race.