Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Beginners Guide To Win the Races

 Destiny: Sparrow Racing League Beginners Guide To Win the Races

Sparrow Racing League(SRL) makes its debut in Destiny. Players have already started hitting the tracks in order to unlock 4 new Grimoire Cards. Those who own the Taken Kings expansion will get their hands on first in the Sparrow Racing League. This Destiny Beginners Guide will help you with some basic tips and tricks with the Sparrow Racing League and everything you need to know.

SRL Beginners Guide

Sparrow Racing League Beginners Guide

This Guide will highlight the basic tips and tricks which you beginners must take care off while racing. If you maintain to follow these tips then you can soon claim yourself as the SRL pro and hardly get beaten. So To begin with the Beginners Guide we will go into each section to know them in detail such as side-boosting works, maintaining speed and many more.

Basic Tips


Pressing L3 or R3 before the shoulder buttons will help you to side boost and push you to take narrow cuts on any side(left/right). This is mainly used to avoid obstacles and take neat sharp turns. Hit the side boost on right time is very important as you can end up crashing or hitting the pillars.

Quick Passing

Banging your sparrow to another one can get you out of the lines, but you can take this as an advantage and whenever you are pushed wait and cut them off from there. you need a continuous practice on this in order to master it.


Never Miss any shortcuts you get as they can take you faster than the rest of the route. Check out the Shortcuts locations to get an early hands on.

Helmets are necessary

Helmets with the air control perk can be very helpful as when you jump off by pushing up the stick you to the ground a lot faster at around 190+ MPH. The bad news is you also lose speed in the air.

Tips on Mars Race Tracks(Clean Lap)

The First Thing you should know is avoid rushing to get number one position. you must be patient and wait for the correct pass to go through. if you don’t then you will also be the part of the chaos which your opponents will try to do.

We know how every player posses different skills on playing, but we want you to avoid messing up into some bad so you need to practice more often to get to the first list. Once you’ve got the up-down split get down and hit the gates. For the second gate, you must take one sharp right turn to make it break apart of this section. Next Cut right hard just before going through the gate and you slide through it. Now hit the side boost right and lined up with the ramp. Lastly, find the diamond leading to the next gate and then jump straight at it.

On the next section, you will have a smooth straight way provide no one get’s jump over you. If so then you can easily pass them down with the help of the upper path. You can always use the right Side Boost to avoid the rock ramp and pass through the gates. The Third section has a big left which is just after the infamous pillar stairs. You can manage this one by handling it very smooth and turn pretty loose then pass through the gap to the right of the pillar towards the next gate.

Later, you will be landing pretty close to the wall on the right where you tend to hit the next gate. Just look for the gap between the left wall and the pillar to get through. After you hit the left gate then comes the last gate where you will boost towards the right. Be careful and avoid hitting the blind mine. Now take the last gate on the right and go ahead for the big gate where you will jump the gate. Just make sure you go straight and avoid cross landing. Check out the video below to make a good clean lap.

Tips on Venus Race Tracks(Clean Lap)

As we did the clean walkthrough for Mars race track we will do the same for Venus, dividing the tracks into sections and a Complete clean track at the end.

Starting with all the other opponents who will start hitting the jump on the left, but when you have a full speed boost than who cares. From the First gate try maintaining your angle towards the next two gates and then speed boost right to get the fourth gate. Entering the cave with a sharp left turn will keep you in pace to slide directly towards teh next gate. Side boost the next hard left to enter the orange cave and immediately line up near teh right wall without losing any speed. At the end of the cave, you will notice a little light(Money) on the ceiling which you can aim with your sparrow right as you are up in the air.

In the next section cut right out of the cave and take left near the pillar in the waterfall. Again a blind mine will be placed there which will be an easy deal. Line up for the next two gates and get ready to take the big jump and shoot the right to get an easy gate. Once you hit the second gate you will notice a very sharp s-turn on you left(make sure you do take it) which is actually a very good shortcut. You must side boost left and pull hard right. This will make a really easy hitting next couple of gates and perform a good trick. NOTE: Avoid hitting the pillar which may slow you down.

Now is the tough part where you actually need some more practice for a shallow s-turn to the left, then right. You don’t need any side boost during this to avoid hitting the pillars. Make your hit on the right wall then continue boosting towards the right nad again left. You might bounce into an enemy here but try not to miss the gate that more important than these cheap enemies. Once you jump you have plenty of time on air so think fast and while landing use the side boost to line up towards the gates. Last but not the least keep in mind to keep the same strategy for all the laps and you winning is guaranteed. Check out the video example of a clean Venus track.

Once you have successfully done with the Beginners Guide you can progress you our SRL Reputation Tips and Tricks Guide.