Destiny: The Taken King – All King’s Fall Raid Rewards and Loot

 Destiny: The Taken King – All King’s Fall Raid Rewards and Loot

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King’s Fall is a brand new Raid in Destiny: The Taken King and it is only accessible when you hit level 40+. Only a few have made it possible to complete this stage so far and enjoying the loot and the rewards they’ve unlocked. Here is the list of all the King’s Fall Raid Rewards and Loot in Destiny: The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King

Here we show you all the possible King’s Fall raid rewards which include the legendary weapons, armor pieces, artifacts, shaders and more.

List of King’s Fall Legendary Weapons

Doom of Chelchis – Scout rifle


Elulim’s Frenzy – Rocket launcher


Zaouli’s Bane – Handcannon


Silence of A’Arn – Shotgun


Anguish of Drystan – Autorifle

Qullim’s Terminus – Machine Gun

Smite of Merain – Pulse Rifle

Midha’s Reckoning – Fusion Rifle

Defiance of Yasmin – Sniper Rifle

Kingslayer Shell – Ghost Shell


List of King’s Fall Armor Sets

With the new Raid unlocks the one legendary armor for each class. During the raid, you can manage to finish the Eris quest then you get a 310 defense artifact. Here is the list of all Legendary Armor sorted according to its classes.

Legendary Armor: Helmet

  • Titan Class – War Numen’s Crown
  • Hunter Class – Darkhollow Mask
  • Warlock Class – Mouth of Ur

Legendary Armor: Chest Armor

  • Titan Class – War Numen’s Chest
  • Hunter Class – Darkhollow Chiton
  • Warlock Class – Chasm of Yuul

Legendary Armor: Gauntlets

  • Titan Class – War Numen’s Fist
  • Hunter Class – Darkhollow Grasps
  • Warlock Class – Grasp of Eir


Legendary Armor: Boots

  • Titan Class – War Numen’s Boots
  • Hunter Class – Darkhollow Treads
  • Warlock Class – Path of Xol

Legendary Armor: Class Item

  • Titan Class – War Numen’s Mark
  • Hunter Class – Darkhollow Mantle
  • Warlock Class – Bond of The Wormlore


List of King’s Fall Shaders & Emblems

There are two types of Shaders you get as the reward in the game – Vena Cava and Bone Marrow. The first shader can be obtained only if you have collected the one piece armor for every slot during the raid at the shader kiosk. The second Shader can be achieved after you kill the boss successfully. And the team which finishes the Raid first will be rewarded with the Kingsbane emblem. So better be fast and raid everything you get.

The-Taken-King-shader-venacava.jpg The-Taken-King-shader-bonemarrow.jpg