Destiny: The Taken King Bug Allow Players To Get 25 Hadium Flakes In 5 Minutes

 Destiny: The Taken King Bug Allow Players To Get 25 Hadium Flakes In 5 Minutes

Destiny Alpha Screen Day Time

Gamers playing Destiny: The Taken King have found a new glitch in Destiny: The Taken King, one really similar to the House of Wolves treasure key chest farm. There, you would open the chest, hop on your Sparrow, exit the area, come back and open the chest again for some additional loot.

You can do the same with the Hadium Flake Chests in The Mausoleum, where you will find two of them spawning near the entrance to The Founts. If nobody else is in the area, you can run back and forth between zones opening it continuously.

Here’s how to find the chests:

Step 1:

Once you spawn in the Hull Breach, run all the way under the engine, run over to the Mausoleum and cross over to the other side as if you were heading over to The Founts.

Step 2:

Go to the small room off the left: the chest will spawn in the room or just outside of it. Once you open the chest in either location, run back to The Founts, come back, and open it again. The chest isn’t on a timer, so unlike the House of Wolves chest, this one will not despawn – unless someone else enters the area.

Step 3:

Other chests are located in the area, so you may need to find them first, loot them, and then go look for the proper chest when it spawns in the room or outside of it. Other players in the area moving around will cause the chest to despawn so it makes farming both situational and a bit tricky.

Look at this Arekkz Gaming video if it makes the trick clearer to you.