Destiny: The Taken King Dreadnaught Secret Chest Location, How To Unlock Loot Chest

Destiny Alpha Screen Day Time

Finally a tip has been discovered to get Cursed Chest for Calcified Fragment in Destiny: The Taken King. For those who are unaware of, it is located in the Hall of Souls, roughly in the area by court of Oryx. If the court of Oryx is on your right side of the screen this pathway is on the left side of your screen.

Destiny: The Taken King

Then you go into a small room that has a tunnel in it and follow the tunned to the chest. It’s easier to see what what i mean when you watch the video guide below though because you can see the Court of Oryx on my right side to better judge where you are going.

Also, you can block with your sword and survive for a very long time to get this chest. Bubbles work by giving armor of light. Additionally you can defeat Taken outside the area which will drop a relic that gives you an immunity a buff for 1:30, then you can run in and get the chest without taking damage.