Destiny: The Taken King – How to Get Black Hammer 2.0 AKA Black Spindle

 Destiny: The Taken King – How to Get Black Hammer 2.0 AKA Black Spindle

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The Black Spindle, an exotic Sniper rifle with 310 damage. Black Spindle is Crota’s End raid weapon, Black Hammer(The Dark Below – Destiny’s first expansion). You can now obtain the Black Spindle today during the heroic version of The Taken King’s mission – Lost to Light. Here is how you unlock the Black Spindle in Destiny: The Taken King.

Destiny: The Taken King

Somehow the Black Spindle retains the perks of Mulligan and White Nail from the reserve for the rapidly landing precision hits. To get Black Spindle, you have to side track your main mission – Lost to Light and focus on the side objectives. This is not an easy job but just follow the below steps and get it unlocked.

Step 1:

Strat up with today’s Daily Heroic Story Mission: Chamber of Night. You mus clear large number of Taken as quick as possible as the mission is not that hard but you need to to be quick in order to complete the secret objective and obtain the Black Spindle.

Step 2:

NOTE THIS – You need to run the mission normally (AVOID dying). Because if you die before reaching the secret door you need to go through then it will not open for you. And closed for that mission

Step 3:

After you plan to escape just don’t go through and complete it. Plan a strategy, during the House of Wolves strike, The Shadow Thief, try dashing over to the area so you can board Tanik’s ship. Assuming that you avoided dying then, you should have no problem entering that area easily board the Taniks’ ship via the portal.

Step 4:

As you proceed with The Shadow Thief, you’ll find that his ship will be swarming with Taken and you only have 10 minutes to clear that ship. So make your Run as quickly as you can until you reach the boss area of The Shadow Thief where Taniks normally is.

Step 5:

Now all you need to do is take down all the Taniks, a Taken Ultra, Driviks the Chosen before the 10-minute timer. If you successfully complete then Black Spindle will drop at the end of the mission as a reward.

Step 6:

It’s Done, unlock and now enjoy your Black Hammer 2.0 AKA Black Spindle