Destiny: The Taken King – How to use and charge the Agonarch Rune

 Destiny: The Taken King – How to use and charge the Agonarch Rune

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With the Release of Destiny: The Taken King, there are lots of unlockables which are very well hidden and new some quick and good strategy to unlock it and will lead you to some great in-game rewards. Agonarch Rune is one of the legendary items. This Destiny: The Taken King guide will help you know how to use and charge the legendary Agonarch Rune in the game.

Destiny: The Taken King

Where to Find the Agonarch Rune?

To unlock this legendary item – Agonarch Rune, you need to head straight to the Dreadnaught and defeat the taken enemies. First you need to complete the Taken pubic events in the patrol mode and then only you can take the taken enemies. Now you’ll see the glowing ball of Taken light hovering over an area. That’s the legendary Agonarch Rune, go and collect it.

How to charge Agonarch Rune?

In order to charge the Agonarch Rune, all you need to do is kill the 7 named enemies which are scattered throughout the Dreadnaught. Killing any of these named enemies will lead to charge your item(Agonarch Rune) by one point. To make these enemies spawn step on glowing white circles in the Dreadnaught Patrol.

Note: The rune is transferable, so try charging it with other characters and get 3 of 7 points per day. This will help you charge Agonarch Rune in just three days

How to use Agonarch Rune?

If you have the Agonarch Rune charged then head towards the Founts area in Patrol mode on Dreadnaught to use it against the chained cylinder. You will find the chained cylinder at the very beginning of the sunless cell strike and after you have successfully defeated the enemies, a Zealot champion the Agonarch Rune chest will appear and you will be rewarded with the Calcified Fragment XXXVI.