Destiny The Taken King: Top 6 Tips, Tricks and Cheat You Should Remember Before Playing

 Destiny The Taken King: Top 6 Tips, Tricks and Cheat You Should Remember Before Playing

Destiny: The Taken King is finally available for everyone to join back the game and try the third (and biggest) expansion yet on the market. After a couple of DLC, Destiny is ready to show its MMO-qualities with a full-length pack that will provide a new set of armors, weapons, skills and story-based content. What’s fun with Destiny is that each of these factors are strictly linked and, now that Bungie has got rid of the Light system, they are fully accessible just by playing, not “simply” looking for the best weapons just for being the first to reach a certain level for your character.

Destiny: The Taken King

Anyway, as the new expansion approaches to both digital and physical retailers, here we have a full set of tips you should follow in order to better prepare yourself to Destiny: The Taken King. Let us know in the comments below if you need anything else or you have any other suggestion to add.

1 – Just Grind

As I said, the new progression system is the old one, and is once again based on experience. You get experience just like in a common MMO or RPG, by defeating mobs and bosses or completing quests. Grinding your way up to level 40 (the new level cap) will be much better than watching people getting obsessed with getting, one way or another, the best weapons level-wise out there.

2 – Side Missions

The importance of side missions is completely rewritten, this way. You will need any single piece of story-based content in order to keep running through the level 40, both in main campaign or in the side missions. Take care of them as they will provide you the biggest impact when talking about experience, and will also vary your gaming experience in a very healthy way.

3 – Factions

As you won’t be able to use three factions at the same time, you will need to choose just one to start with and stay for a minimum period of time of a week. Always think about what’s your next challenge, who’s the next boss you want to defeat before embarking in a new journey with a new faction.

4 – Level 25

The Taken King allows you to reach instantly level 25, without having to go through the normal, experience-based progression system. Bungie thought the Spark of Light, an item unlocking this chance, properly for gamers who have enjoyed the core game but skipped the first two expansions, and want to embark immediately on TKK story contents. Consider not using the spark in case you are very near to 25 or have already reached that level, so you can utilize it with another new character of yours.

5 – New Gear

Gear and weapons won’t lose their importance, anyway, not entirely. You will still need to have the best equipment possible in order to defeat mobs and bosses in the hardest challenges you will get in the game, so get new gear each and every time you can. Face any Nightfall strikes as soon as possibile, as you will receive in change legendary and exotic weapons for all of the characters you have in store.

6 – Old Weapons

Don’t dismantle your old weapons for the moment. I know, they could be obsolete shortly, but Bungie has promised to keep upgrading some of them along the Year 2. So you have to be patient and wait for Bungie to let us know where it wants to go with each of the weapons you already own. For example, fan favorites Hawk Moon and Last Word will be upgraded soon, getting rid of them could be really painful in the mid term.