Destiny’s King’s Fall Guide – How to easily Skip Golgorth’s maze

After Defeating Warpriest, You tend to go straight through the portal and then find yourself inside the Golgorth’s Celler with a Pitch-black maze. We have seen players getting stuck inside the maze with no clue of getting the exit. This Destiny Guide you can easily skip and escape the Golgorth’s maze.

Skip Golgorth's maze

As they say – Where there is a will there is a way, but here we have a trick to escape the way. You need to kill yourself first in order to respawn at the end of the maze. We know you players hate to maneuver the maze, but one of the Reddit User have found this trick a week ago. What all you need to kill yourself? A Grenade or a ToM

Note: If you try to skip the Golgorth’s maze you will also skip the chance to grab the secret chest.

How to easily Skip Golgorth’s maze

So after you have eliminated the Warpriest, you head straight and kill yourself on the 2nd Pillar while entering the Golgorth’s Celler or try the first one instead where it says Golgorth’s Celler on Bottom left. Once you try to suicide and respawn you will find yourself outside the maze. Check out the Video below to know what and how exactly this works.