How to Destroy Fortress – Middle-Earth Shadow of War Fortress Assault Guide

In a single player campaign of Shadow of War, the player will encounter multiple Fortress battles and each more challenging than the last. In order to conquer the Fortress, you must assemble an army of Elite Orcs to take down Overlords and the Warchiefs. This Fortress Assault Guide for Shadow of War will show you how to destroy any Fortress in the game with ease. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Fortress Assault Mission Tricks and hacks.

Middle-Earth Shadow of War

How to Destroy Fortress

Once you unlock Act II, you can now recruit Followers and build an army. Now that you have built the required army, let’s gather Intel by taking down enemies marked in green intel icon on the map. Some of these are standing atop the outer walls of the Fortress, so make sure you are all set before you break in. Every Fortress has either three or four zones to capture, so head straight for the walls then take out the archers atop before they kill your troops down.

Now that the archers are taken care off, it’s time to focus on the Warchiefs. Every Warchief comes with a buff in different shapes and sizes to the Fortress. Make sure you take each of them then get ready to launch a full scale assault. After killing all the Warchiefs, mark your Follower to infiltrate the castle(Click on the dead bodies of the Warchiefs). Let them infiltrate the Fortress, adding further troops to your forces.

Note: Try to stay Alive and within the designated zone for a maximum of 30 seconds, and then press down on the d-pad to capture the zone.

In the final stage of the Fortress Assault, the Fortress Overlord is surrounded by a number of followers. Note that the longer the fight goes on, the more your army will be overcome by the followers surrounding the Overlord. These followers include archers, Orcs with shields and spears. Now that you manage to take the Overlord, it’s time to celebrate the Successful conquer of the Fortress. Now Upgrade and make sure you don’t lose it. We have a separate guide on How to Defend your Fortress like a Pro.