Deus Ex Mankind Divided Ending Walkthrough(Good and Bad Ending)

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After Confronting Miller in Mission 15, you have to make a choice to either Stop Marchenko or Save the Delegates. If you choose to Save the Delegates then this guide will show you how to get to Mr. Brown and stop them from having the Champagne then defeat the Boss Viktor Marchenko with ease and stop the Bomb. So let’s get started with the Ending Walkthrough.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Ending

Protecting the Future Walkthrough

After deciding to save the Delegates and Mr. Brown, head towards the Southern restricted area. Exit the kitchen and explore the newly unlocked level and hurry towards the southern elevator. Time is everything here so need to reach there within 10 minutes or they will be poisoned and then requires additional assistance to survive.

Use your invisibility to sneak past all the guards and make yourself safe in the hallway area. Destroy all the turrets and guards when necessary as this is a long way to get there and a huge number of guards to fight. Once you reach the stairs, take cover then take down everyone with grenades. After the big fight, get to the elevator and use the code 2202 to get to the VIP section and Save the Delegates.

The cutscene will trigger where Jensen Barges into the VIP room to stop everyone from drinking the Champagne. Now It’s Time to Confront Marchenko where you can use the Bomb Jammer that Allison handed you. Fight and defeat him to get things done once and for all. Here are the two endings you can encounter depending on your Choices:

How to Get Bad Ending:

  • Try to Stop Marchenko Over Delegates
  • Defeat Him than get to the VIP room where Everyone is Dead
  • In the News, Eliza will talk about the Augmentation terrorist attack

How to Get Good Ending:

  • Save the Delegates and Mr. Brown
  • Confront Viktor Marchenko
  • Use the Jammer to Stop the Bomb
  • Defeat Him and everything ends Well
  • In the News, Eliza will talk how Mr. Brown thanked Interpol and Tarvos security helped to save Terror Attack.

Credit Screen Spoilers:

Try to watch the whole credit ending and then mid-credits will display the secret NSN footage where Delera will show her true identity. Do check our Deus Ex Mankind Divided Wiki to know more about the collectible location and more. Enjoy.