Did The Witcher 3 Next Gen update remove the sex scenes? Answered

Missing a little romance?

Image via Smilegate / CD Projekt

The Witcher 3 has a lot of things in it that people will continually bring up because it is that memorable of a game. Some of the most talked about portions of the game are definitely the sex scenes. Some people are very protective of these scenes for various reasons, but there are rumors about them being removed from the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X updates. So are there any sex scenes in the next-gen update for The Witcher 3?

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Does next-gen update for The Witcher 3 have sex scenes?

While there have been reports of people saying that The Witcher 3 has cut some sex scenes, they are actually all there and accounted for in the game. It appears that there are mods that some people have had installed that can interfere with the sex scenes, ending Geralt not bumping uglies with certain characters.

The initial release of The Witcher 3‘s new next-gen update has been a bit spotty with various bugs and glitches. This can just be added to the long line of problems that PC players have been experiencing in particular, but it is not intended. We imagine that various issues like sex scenes not appearing will be returned to full running order hopefully before the Christmas break, but at the very least should be worked on by CD Projekt Redd after the new year.

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If you are experiencing the issue, there doesn’t seem to be a confirmed fix to get the missing sex scenes working again. We recommend trying to reload an old save, check your install for corrupted files, or potentially reinstalling the game if you are that desperate to get them back. Otherwise, we recommend waiting for a future patch to come out that fixes the issue.