Mission 13 Discoveries Walkthrough – Star Wars Battlefront II Ending

In the previous mission Until Ashes, Iden tries to rescue his father, but she fails. This is the final mission of Star Wars Battlefront II, after escaping the in this Discoveries Mission you will play as Dark Warrior for a short time, fighting into the memories of Del to get info on a map.

Battlefront Discoveries

Mission 13 Discoveries Walkthrough

After the cutscene, you will be playing as Kylo Ren. This is a short mission to get info on Skywalker. Turn around and keep crossing the doors. Follow Del, you can use Pull, Frenzy and Freeze, three abilities of the dark warrior.

Dark Warrior

This is mostly like playing in the memories of Del. Fight with the troopers ahead, and keep moving. You will have to follow Del, as he disappears, more troopers will appear to stop you. You have to continue from the place where Del disappears. Once again you will be back on the ship.

Dark Warrior 1

Next, you will be in the forest area, fight with the troopers here. Clear them all, near the platform and then break the rocks to clear the path. break the door and enter.

Dark Warrior 2

You will land on Pillio, keep walking ahead through the rocky platform. You can jump to cover bigger distances. Again you will face more stormtroopers in your path. Break the amber to unlock path ahead. There will be bugs also.

Dark Warrior 3

After crossing the door you will be in Vordos. Keep following Del, once again you will have to fight the Storm Troopers here. kill them all and fight your way into the building. You will be back on the ship where Del will tell the Dark Warrior about the map location.

This completes them mission Discoveries. This is the end of Star Wars Battlefront II. There will be a final cutscene in the end after Del reveals the location of the map. This is the end of campaign missions. For more tips and updates on the game, you can read our Star Wars Battlefront II Wiki guide.