Divergence: Online – Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide

Divergence: Online is an Open-World Factional PVP MMO With Revolutionary Crafting and Construction video-game. The Players is set in the year 2330, which is the Earth’s Standard Date. The player is set out to explore the alien moon after coming out of the cloning bay. Here is the Beginners tips and tricks guide to show you how to play Divergence: Online.

Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide

Beginners Tips and Tricks

You will be starting with a massive crash-landing event where you are a momentary survivor regardless of you being a Terran Human, Synthetic, Veli Vindicator, or Lokri. You will be coming out of the Cloning bay once you are done with the character creation.

Hint: Press Q to adjust your Mouse either to center or uncenter

Just after you have the control over the character you can explore the screen menus. Look at teh 5 small icons at the bottom of your screen, the second last one which looks similar to the lighting bolt is your skill Menu. Open the Skill menu and select the Artisan Profession, then select the Novice Artisan from the Profession tree. This helps your Artisan, to learn new skills.

Here are Some Basic Controls you must Know from the start:

  • W,S,A,D – Move
  • Left Ctrl – Crouch
  • Shift – Run
  • I – Access Inventory
  • Z – Prone
  • Enter – General Chat
  • In chat commands:
    • /loc – know your coordinates.
    • /return – only type when you are stuck.

For now, you have the Artisan unlock who can give you the Scanner and Crafter for items/resources. So we are good to go and explore the world. Start by pressing ‘i’ to bring up the inventory. You need to select the General Crafting tool and then the third option to Start Crafting, now a new option will pop-up for Schematics. You need resources for every crafting. Once you are done selecting what you want to craft, simply click next.

Now you must have seen what all resources you need to craft different items. It’s time you start hunting for resources and stop punching people around. Another important thing you must know in the inventory section is the Multipurpose Survey Scanner Tool. This tool will help you survey the resources around you. You need to Select which resource you want to survey for then Click on Survey. If you have found any resources it will appear on the left screen box just like the image shown below.


You need to keep scanning unless the Box turn into green. There are different level materials which are required for advanced crafting so keep searching. Here are some basic game mechanics you must know from the start:

  • Melee Axe is not equipable yet
  • When you die you respawn at the cloning facility
  • You are unable to pick up another person building once the deed(Cantina or City Hall) is placed.
  • There are no name plates above players so make sure you pay attention to what they look like if someone kills you.
  • Resources are set to diminish eventually unsure rate.
  • A lot of good resources 98%+ around spawn in the start area.
  • Location around on both sides of river: 364, 14, 3684

If you have anything to add or any doubts then do shoot them below in the comments section.