Documents Location – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide

Mirror Edge Catalyst has various different collectibles that you need to collect and most of them will be the part of your Story Main Mission. In this Article we will be showing you all the Documents location and how can you find them. These Collectible are mostly found in the open area just like the Documents. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Collectible location.

Documents Location

Where to Find all Documents

For Every Document, you collect it rewards you with +10 Bonus XP and you also know how many parts are hidden in every location. Once you collect all Documents you’ll get Story Teller Achievement. You can switch to the Mission Tab and check how many you have collected so far. To know more about the game walkthrough, collectible location you can always check out our Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Wiki Guide.

Back in the Game Documents

Document 1

Once you enter the Building you will come across a section which says 20 LGR Division and you need to leap inside of the terrace to take left and collect your very first recording.

Document 2

Once you get out of the Elevator Shaft you will encounter the area with rods so you must swing onto it and reach the other platform. Head straight up from right to make a wall run then on you left you will find this document.

Zephyr Transit Hub Documents

Document 3

Head down towards the Main Base to wall run on your left and then grab this Document.

Document 4

From the previous location drop through the opening and make your way towards the new area with yellow pipes. Find this document on the floor near the pipes.

Savant Extraordinaire Documents

Document 5

Once you activate the first terminal you come across the server table, get there and grab the document from the table.

Benefactor Documents

Document 6

Exit the Main area and walk towards the construction area towards the balcony with the glass railing. Take a left and you will find this document waiting for you.

Centurian Yard Documents

Document 7

Right next to the Vent inside the Safe House.

Document 8

On the Top of the Vent where you see Orange and white buildings

Document 9

Look at the backside of the Black and White ventilation unit.

Document 10

On a steel outgrowth which is on the lower side of the Building.

Concord Plaza Documents

Document 11

On a Ledge with the Bryson Building underneath.

Document 12

On the Top of Birdman’s Hideout

Triumvirate Drive Documents

Document 13

On the top of the Orange and White Building, you can find this document near the Ventilation unit.

Document 14

Near the WFYO Billboard

Document 15

The area where you see – ‘You Are Slaves’ graffiti look over the ledge and grab the document.

Document 16

On the edge of the building look across the chimney

Shimmering Height Documents

Document 17

Walk towards the window which faces Zephyr Transit Hub and finds the document on the ground.

Document 18

Before starting the Savant Extraordinaire Mission head right to a man in a Purple vest and collect the Document.

Document 19

On the White bench in front of Nicosa Building.

Crystal Valley Documents

Document 20

On the White couch outside the Gastro Fusion.

Document 21

Near the landing pad do check on the top of the white square and grab the document.

Eden Village Documents

Document 22

This Document is found on the second floor of the building

Document 23

Around the Large central orange triangles on a white wall, you can find this document on the ground where all the white squares shattered.

Development Zone Documents

Document 24

Check the Metal Flooring on the Orange building to grab this one.

Document 25

On the Fourth Floor of the same buildings walk towards the pillar and grab the Document.

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