Doom 2016: All Collectible Location Guide

 Doom 2016: All Collectible Location Guide

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In Doom 2016, there are various collectibles you can found in each Mission of the game. These includes Data Logs, Elite Guards Upgrades, Field Drones, Automaps and much more. This Doom Guide will show you the exact location for all the Collectible in each chapter. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Collectible Location.

Doom Collectible Location

Where to Find all the Collectible

Collectibles in Doom 2016 are used to unlock bonus content in the Main Menu and each chapter has 2 collectibles in the Single player campaign.

The UAC Collectible


Jump on the crate once you access the Blue Door and then check this collectible on the ledge.


Get inside the tunnel after you are through a small valley and this collectible can be found on the ledge.

Resource Operations Collectible

Doomguy(Doom Marine Model)

During the Realigning the satellite dish you need to jump over the crate then get inside the vent. Now continue to head straight until you jump on another side and climb the ladder to get on the roof which is the new area. Get inside the building to grab this collectible.

Bronzeguy(Heavy Assault Rifle Model)

Climb the crates just before the Vega terminal room and then head inside the maintenance shaft to find this collectible at the far end.

The Foundry Collectible

Vaultguy(Possessed Engineer Model)

Walk back towards the metal railing once you get the yellow keycard and find the collectible near the catwalk.

Prototypeguy(Plasma Rifle Model)

Have a good look inside the middle crate before dealing with the Gore Nest.

Argent Facility Collectible

UACguy(Hell Knight Model)

use all the stacked crates inside the Cargo Station to reach the maintenance shaft and grab this collectible.

Stealthguy(Rocket Launcher Model)

Get out of the Cooling Tower from the backdoor and then take left to climb the shaft. Keep walking on the narrow ledge to find this collectible in a box.

Argent Energy Tower Collectible

Orangeguy(UAC Pistol Model)

After taking to Olivia, get inside the maintenance access then move towards the cargo containers. This collectible is hidden a few levels above.

Purpleguy(Summoner Model)

While using the tower head towards the second central platform to grab this collectible from the beam below catwalk.

Kadingir Sanctum Collectible

Astroguy(Revenant Model)

After you open the Yellow door with skull switch, head directly on the right path to get this collectible first.

Redguy(Mancubus Model)

The same path which leads to the Seek and Destroy Rune Trail Stone, you need to take right and climb the rock between two spires to grab the collectible.

Argent Facility Destroyed Collectible

Rageguy(Cacodemon Model)

Once you start the level drop down one level from the broken stairs then head left to get inside and grab the collectible.

Patriotguy(Baron of Hell Model)

Get inside the Maintenance room once you get the Yellow keycard and access the stairs to find this collectible on the top.

Advanced Research Complex Collectible

Phobosguy(Super Shotgun Model)

The same area where you find the Argent Cell(Outside the Ravine), you must climb the ledges to get inside the cave and grab the Collectible.

Pinkguy(Pinky Model)

Get inside the Prototype Lab 01 then jump on the shaft from the middle of the room, now head towards the maintenance room to get this collectible.

Lazarus Lab Collectible

Eliteguy(Olivia Pierce Model)

From the second Elite Guard take inside the room beside the are where you will find the secret area where you will find this collectible.

Toxicguy(Samuel Hayden Model)

On the second level of the Lazarus, archives take a right and continue to follow the red and interact with it to uncover the collectible.

Titan’s Realm Collectible

Keenguy(BFG-9000 Model)

Once you are out of the first portal take right to get to the second level and grab this collectible from the left.

Silverguy(Cyberdemon Model)

Once you get out of the second portal get inside the next room to use the jump pad and get on the upper level. you can see the collectible on the right side of the ledge.

The Necropolis Collectible

Tealguy(Chainsaw Model)

Once you shoot the first two Cacodemon, you must jump on the third platform to grab this collectible.

Hazmatguy(Gauss Cannon Model)

Shoot the rocket at the Rune with an icon of Sin to get the collectible.

VEGA Central Processing Collectible

Quakeguy(Hell Guard Model)

Once you start the mission head inside the building and take this collectible from the right edge of the vent.

Jungleguy(Cyber-Mancubus Model)

After passing the two Blue Keycard door drop down into the hole from the left and head towards the end of the shaft and finally at the end of the path you will find this collectible.

Argent D’Nur Collectible

Cosmoguy(Chaingun Model)

Climb up the stairs after defeat the second Wraith then duck inside the hole to grab this collectible.

Goldguy(Spider Mastermind Model)

Defeat Spider Mastermind