Doom 2016: Hidden Classic Level Location Guide

The long awaited Doom is out and players have already started exploring the demon world with badass weapons. The game will fill with Easter Eggs and hidden secrets which a lot of players have come across. We have come across one fan player who had explored all the secret Classic Levels and here they are.

Hidden Classic Level

How to Unlock the Classic Levels

Every Stage you play has a hidden lever which unlocks the door to the classic level, but it’s obviously hard to find them as they are hidden throughout the Campaign. Once you unlock them you can directly enter that level from the Main Menu under ‘Classic Maps’ Tab. Every time you pull off the lever you unlock the door which may or may not be nearby so here are all the locations for all the Classic Level Levers and Doors.


Starting from the first level the map to the secret Lever is show below and simply follow the and pull the lever behind the metal bars which will open the door to the Classic Level.

doom-2016-secret-level-the-uac-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-the-uac-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-the-uac-3.jpg

Resource Operation

One you did restoring the power from the start then drop down through the vehicle hole where you find yourself in some construction area. Head towards the top to find this lever and the door opens just below your stand.

doom-2016-secret-level-resource-operation-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-resource-operation-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-resource-operation-3.jpg


The area with the huge bridges it’s hard to miss this lever which is right in the middle of the bridges with the raised platform. As you pull the lever you must be quick enough to past the door.

doom-2016-secret-level-foundry-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-foundry-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-foundry-3.jpg

Argent Facility

This lever is at the start of the level behind the barrels in the corner. Once you pull the lever just follow the through the next room to find the entrance to the Classic Map.

doom-2016-secret-level-argent-facility-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-facility-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-facility-3.jpg

Argent Energy Tower

The area where you ride the hovering box up towards the tower to activate the control panel. It’s hard to miss the lever which is is on the top of the platform with the lever tucked slightly into the wall.

doom-2016-secret-level-argent-energy-tower-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-energy-tower-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-energy-tower-3.jpg

Kadingir Sanctum

In the pitch black area which is next to the dead Dovahklin, you will find the secret area right below the cave.

doom-2016-secret-level-kadingir-sanctum-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-kadingir-sanctum-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-kadingir-sanctum-3.jpg

Argent Facility (Destroyed)

In the first room as the level start, you will find this lever.

doom-2016-secret-level-argent-facilty-destroyed-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-facilty-destroyed-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-facilty-destroyed-3.jpg

Advanced Research Complex

Once you are done meeting the 200ft giant Robot you will come across a part here where the door isn’t exactly hidden where you’ll find the lever, just before going through the farting air-valve.

doom-2016-secret-level-advanced-research-complex-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-advanced-research-complex-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-advanced-research-complex-3.jpg

Lazarus Labs

As you progress in this level you’ll come across a sacrificial chamber which will be like a circular room with a hole in the middle and the lever is just below the door to your right as you enter the room.

doom-2016-secret-level-lazarus-labs-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-lazarus-labs-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-lazarus-labs-3.jpg

Bonus: Time Well Spent Challenge

To find this level head deep inside the Lazarus Labs level, there is a PC capable of playing a Doom styled version of the bejeweled game. As you go into the room to deactivate the force field around the Helix Stone, Located here on the map.

doom-2016-secret-level-time-well-spent-challenge-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-time-well-spent-challenge-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-time-well-spent-challenge-3.jpg

Titan’s Realm

Get into the room just after opening the yellow skull key door where you see the Doomguy is stood where the lever is, and the mouse is pointing back where the classic level door.

doom-2016-secret-titans-realm-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-titans-realm-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-titans-realm-3.jpg

The Necropolis

As you enter an arena room where you’ll be rewarded with a yellow key and here is where you will find Doomguy near the lever, whilst the mouse is pointing back to where the classic level door is.

doom-2016-secret-the-necropolis-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-the-necropolis-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-the-necropolis-3.jpg

Vega Central Processing

Once you acquire the blue keycard use it to open the secret room where the level map and Elite Guard’s body are. You will find this lever behind the Elite Guards body and some boxes.

doom-2016-secret-vega-central-processing-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-vega-central-processing-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-vega-central-processing-3.jpg

Argent D’Nur

You need to use the skull switch to access the area and you will find the Doomguy is stood directly at the top where the altar is and he’s looking in the exact direction of the secret path to find the room. Follow the images path to enter the classic level.

doom-2016-secret-level-argent-dnur-1.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-dnur-2.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-dnur-3.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-dnur-4.jpg doom-2016-secret-level-argent-dnur-5.jpg