Doom 2016: Where to Find all the Data Logs Location Guide

 Doom 2016: Where to Find all the Data Logs Location Guide

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In Doom 2016, there are various collectibles you can found in each Mission of the game. These includes Data Logs, Elite Guards Upgrades, Field Drones, Automaps and much more. This Doom Guide will show you the exact location for all the Data Logs in each chapter. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the Data Logs Location.

Data Logs Location

Where to Find all the Data Logs

Data Logs in Doom 2016 are the collectibles which allow the player to know better about the game story and unlock the codex entries. These are scattered all across the map and here is the exact location where you can find the Logs in each Mission.

The UAC Data Logs

A Brief History

Once you head out from the Site 03 you must head down the narrow path in order to get your very first Data Log on the ground.

Welcome to Mars

This Log is hard to miss as it would be the exact start of the Dock area.

Resource Operation Data Logs

To New Advocates

This Daga Log in on a Workbench of the Large room from the corridor, but in order to get your hands on, you must first take down all the demons down.


Once you activate the Air Lock head towards the corridor and you will find this on the second desk.

Foundry Data Logs

Foundry Team Manifest

This Data Log can be found on the Desk in the room where you need to jump on the left which is just outside the Main Room.

Samuel Hayden I

Start climbing up the stairs once you had the enter the yellow door and you will find this right in front of the monitors.

Imp II

From the ‘Foundry Team Manifest Data Log’ location head straight and past the bridge then take right from the blue door and then second right stairs to head down to enter the first room on the right. Now drop down one level from the right and head back to get this Log.

Argent Facility Data Log

Exterior Opportunities

You can find this right next to the Locked door inside the Cargo Station.

Vega II

Once you get your hands on your first Rune Trail, head towards the stairs and climb up to head left and grab this Log.

Hell Razer II

This Log is on the Top section of the Cooling Tower.

Hell Knight II

This Log is hard to miss as it is on your way towards the final filter you need to disable.

Argent Energy Tower Data Logs

Tier 2 Manifest

From the Start head straight and jump down one level and continue and again jump one level down to get inside the green room on the left side and grab the Log near the corpse.

Revenant II

As you progress you will come across several pipeline where you need to jump up and make your way to the control room and grab this log.

Summoner II

From the Cargo containers you need to head up until you find teh Blocked Core room, open the door and on your left you will this log.

Argent Energy II

In the same area where you find the Elite Guard 2 Upgrade, head back and you will see the Log on your right.

Kandingir Sanctum Data Logs

Artifacts Slayer’s Testament II

Once you get across the Mancubus from behind the Skull door, head up the stairs and open the door you will the Green Pad there when pressed you will get the Log.

The Expedition

The same area where you grab your hands on the third Elite Guard token, head left inside the cave and grab this Log.

Artifacts Slayer’s Testament II

In the same cave, head left and press the Green pad in front to register another Log.

Artifacts Doom Marine

head outside the Cave take right and jump to the next platform then head left and first right to walk towards the end and grab the log.

Mancubus II

Once you head inside the big door get down and head right towards the case where you find this log.

Artifacts Slayer’s Testament III

The Case area head right and again climb up on the right. Keep Sprinting towards the right until you come across this Green Pad, press it to register the Log.

Olivia Pierce I

Before ending the mission you can head inside the building which contains the final data Log of the mission.

Argent Facility Destroyed Data Logs

Baron of Hell II

Inside the Initial Lab area, you will find this Log off a crate.

Calm Under Pressure

Far off corner inside the control room you can register this log by interacting with the computer.

Samuel Hayden II

Once you are done dealing with the monsters at the lobby head left towards the station and behind this Log.

Mancubus III

Once you cross the bridge and enter the building this log is hard to miss which is just inside ethe corridor to your left where you find the drone.

Cacodemon II

Finally, at the end, you find the log right next to the vehicle.

Advanced Research Complex

Tier 3 Manifest

Head up towards the lobby and this log is just near the Reception desk

Samuel Hayden III

Once you head outside the Elevator near HP Station you can clearly see this log without missing.


Get inside the server room to find this data log on the floor.


Get inside the Prototype Lab 02 and head towards the let to grab this Log.

Lazarus Labs


Once you start the mission walk towards the left side counter of the echo recording to find this Log.


Get inside the Maintenance room from the Sector 05 door to grab this data log.


Once you reveal the Hidden secret Lab before disabling the security lock you can retrieve this log from the nearby desk.

UAC Personnel

Finally, at the end of the mission where you need to exit the area grab the log just before you activate the switch.

Titan’s Realm


Once the Yellow Door is cleared from bars you will see a small door on the right which has the Data Log.


Inside the room where you insert the blue skull in the Blue door the log is found.

The Necropolis


Simply go through the portal to grab the log just before getting downstairs.

VEGA Central Processing

UAC Personnel

Get inside the control room to collect this log.


Head towards the server is while getting towards the Cooling Room and get this Log.


The other one is at the Balcony of the Cooling Room.


Head towards the Health Station first to get this log and then you can set out to destroy the Vega’s Neural Processors.